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The silhouette that never fails to leave Sera's back, torturing her to her own doom.The horns he grew from the sins from his childhood. The demonic powers he obtained from his achievements. The satisfaction from Sera's cries and screams were like the chords of a piano to his ears. The blood she bleeds, like a tantalizing estuary. What happens when he starts finding pain in her wounds? The demon who never knew what love or affection is. The one who ate up so many souls and could be the one to sit on the throne someday. When he falls for the burning yet angelic human who is not even aware of his existence and thinks of him as a part of conscience. What will Sera do once she finds out that the demon doesn't just exist in her mind? Will Sera give the affinity to the demon hiding underneath?

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Ajita Singh 03.03.2021, 10:17:15

please don't keep us waiting. update soon

Ajita Singh 24.02.2021, 13:47:51

wow, l can't wait to read further.

Juniper Skies 03.02.2021, 08:14:25

Can't wait for more! Really loving Shadow at the moment :)

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