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The first interplanetary detective

Anna Orehova

Series: Interplanetary detective

Story about:detective, murder, aliens

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#1074 in Romantic fantasy
#697 in New Adult & College

Sample 67 pages

Publication: 20.05.2019 — ...

Description of book "The first interplanetary detective"

Alisa really wanted to meet her alien friend again. But it would be better if this meeting took place under other circumstances. Her friend in prison and she faces arrest for illegal entry into the planet.
Who lured Alisa to the crime scene? What is Artificial Intelligence up to? What is hidden in the victim's cache, and why are locals so afraid of technology? To save her friend and not find herself in jail, Alisa must find answers and expose the murderer.


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Marilyn Lucero
20.08.2019, 23:50:08

Seen your name on the blog so I followed you.

Roza Csergo
24.06.2019, 09:54:41

Interesting story. Keep it up.

Anna Orehova
28.06.2019, 11:30:59

Roza Csergo, Thank you so much!

Ivymariea Chikwe
31.05.2019, 21:17:29

Please i need to know the next

Ivymariea Chikwe
03.06.2019, 20:47:16

Anna Orehova, OK love

AnnaRCase guru
30.05.2019, 23:37:23

interesting. Want to know more. Is this a tropical planet? Is Bernard more than just a friend hum?

Anna Orehova
31.05.2019, 06:31:43

AnnaRCase, Thank you! Kind of tropical, yes. I was inspired by Thailand. Bernard is just a friend, but a very close one.

Catsoline Grace
27.05.2019, 14:01:01

what is happening to the quarantine zone?

Catsoline Grace
28.05.2019, 20:15:47

Anna Orehova, thanks for clarifying it

Lizzie Dunlap
23.05.2019, 18:57:47


Anna Orehova
23.05.2019, 19:02:02

Lizzie Dunlap, Thank you!

Jessica Wright
22.05.2019, 23:09:59

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Anna Orehova
23.05.2019, 19:01:39

Jessica Wright, Thank you! I am very pleased. I publish the next parts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Korey Charles
21.05.2019, 12:31:12

so cute, looks like a book for kids

Anna Orehova
22.05.2019, 12:50:10

Korey Charles
, Thank you!

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