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The Last Story

Shawn J Singleton II

Series: The Road To: The Total Loss

Story about:
science fantasy, adventure, metatextual


10 2 160

#75 in Short stories
#152 in Fantasy

Complete 23 pages

Publication: 23.03.2020 — 23.03.2020

Description of book "The Last Story"

The Monomyth of Earth has been the keeper of humanity's stories for thousands of years. But now - the stories are disappearing, not only from his library but from his memory. He teams up with Ellecita, the deity of choice in order to discover why this is happening and to put a stop to it.

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Marilyn Lucero 25.03.2020, 10:46:49

Hi! The synopsis is interesting that I added your book in my list. I followed you already.

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Shawn J Singleton II 26.03.2020, 01:29:03

Marilyn Lucero, Hi! Thanks for adding my book to your list. Let me know what you think!

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