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Book. " The Luna's Revenge- Volume 1" read online

The Luna's Revenge- Volume 1

Ulric Efukor

Story about:vampires and werewolves, witches and magic, supernatural and human worlds

Age restriction: 18+

63 1557

#885 in Romantic fantasy
#430 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 05 May 176 pages

Publication: 05.01.2021 — ...

Description of book " The Luna's Revenge- Volume 1"

*Volume 1- The Trybrid Child*
Meet Elena Claw Wolfs, the sweetest and at the same time, the most dominant and badass trybrid girl you'll ever see. The rightful heir to the lycan throne.
Meet her worst nightmare and her antagonist in every way, Thomas 'Cassius' Rein. The being with the darkest of hearts in all the lands.
After the overthrown lycan Queen, Alessia Claw escapes from the clutches of the chains that held her captive in a dark dungeon and her husband's murderer, she runs with what little magic she had left in her to get brother, the vampyre king in search of a safe haven for both her and her unborn child.
A child whose destiny had been written great since the dawn of time. It is her destiny to end the evil Cassius and rule the lycans- Elena, The Trybrid Child.


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Donna Morgan
17.05.2022, 18:28:21

This definitely has potential but needs a lot of work on it. The pace is really quick on it so could do with slowing down

Ulric Efukor
04.07.2022, 03:26:00

Donna Morgan, Thanks. I'll reduce the place. What else did you notice?

Cindy Ford Taylor
20.01.2022, 07:25:29

Readed and can not wait till the next one.

Ulric Efukor
13.02.2022, 00:43:27

Cindy Ford Taylor, Thanks so much.

10.06.2021, 21:53:26

Amazing story

Ulric Efukor
07.09.2021, 02:00:56

Fehimuan, Thanks

Apratyashita Thakur
09.01.2021, 12:36:59

This seems so amazing ❤❤❤
Can't wait to read ahead❤

Ulric Efukor
10.01.2021, 10:52:08

Apratyashita Thakur, Thanks ?

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