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The Overlord's Soft Spot


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Publication: 29.11.2018 — 29.11.2018

Description of book "The Overlord's Soft Spot"

Ella is a relatively normal college student. Or so she remembers.

As she arrives at her parents' home during Spring Break, Ella decides to clean her old room and finds a pair of old toys from her childhood. As she would when she was younger, Ella smacks the toys' heads together, unknowingly sending herself into a vortex through another dimension, onto Eternia. There, she comes face to face with an old, beloved friend.

**I don't own anything but the unknown characters and storyline. Respect my work and don't use my OCs without my written permission. Thank you.

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Abigaëlle Songor 30.10.2019, 18:25:08

Very interesting

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Mitikiwostky 31.10.2019, 01:23:04

thank you :)

Tim Lawson 30.11.2018, 15:50:00

It has a nice beginning

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Tim Lawson 01.12.2018, 12:50:04

Mitikiwostky, will follow it, then

Lucy Roy 30.11.2018, 13:02:30

Which comic is it?

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Mitikiwostky 30.11.2018, 16:28:35

Tim Lawson, Great! :)

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