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The Unexpected Love

Asma Anam

Story about:goodgirl, teenagers, badboys

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#64 in Romantic suspense
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Publication: 10.07.2021 — 18.07.2021

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Description of book "The Unexpected Love"

"You hate me right?" I shook my head but he pulled me closer to his chest.

"Feeling is mutual honey " his hot minty breath reached to my ears.
He gripped my arms tightly and I winced from the pain.

A tear fell from my eyes, I tried to push him but he was way stronger than me.
"Daniyal, it's hurting " I cried out.

"I know right " he smirked at me.
He leaned into me and his lips were about to touch mine, I pushed him with full force.

"What were you doing with me Daniyal " I yelled. His face was red, he held my wrist and pushed me to the walls.

"You think I'll do this with you, really? " he let out a loud chuckle and shot a glare at me.

"You're just a piece of trash that my dad bought for me to play" his words shredded my heart into pieces.

I was his wife, his unwanted wife!


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Godson Jerrief
14.09.2021, 15:11:07

I really like your story author.. it was simple and sweet love story...I love it...keep writing

Fun Flashh
19.08.2021, 23:22:06

It was soo amazing to read your story..I finished it in one goo..
good work

17.08.2021, 21:36:36

This story is really amazing, but I didn't like the fact they married at such a young age.

Andleeb Hassan
04.08.2021, 19:14:58

wow its a beautiful story..really beautiful..congrats author

Lynn Austria
04.08.2021, 10:49:39

Love your book, a very beautiful love story with a twist. Congratulations ???? thank you, take care and stay safe. God bless us. Loking forward for more books of yours.

Savannah Amermaid
02.08.2021, 16:17:21

Hi dear lovely author. i hope youre doing well with ur dear family. To make it shorter i wanted to thank u for this beautiful book of urs. it's such a masterpiece. I came across to ur book an hour ago and couldn't stop reading untill i read it to the end. Allah's blessing be upon u :) *I wanted to send lots of heart stickers but booknet is being annoying not letting me do so* Allah hafiz. Stay safe and happy.

Savannah Amermaid
03.08.2021, 20:49:11

Asma Anam, I'm already in love with u sisy. Write more beautiful stories cause i can't keep myself from reading this book again and again. :) Love u so much sis. Stay safe and always keep shining.

Arooba Waseem
03.08.2021, 09:38:25

Masha Allah ! You did a great job dear. Hope to see more books like this from you .And I am waiting for your next book ! Please do hurry !!! Can't wait for your next books

Asma Anam
03.08.2021, 14:53:30

Arooba Waseem, JazakAllah sister❤️ yeah I'm working on my another book. You'll get the notification soon!

Eva Sankar
03.08.2021, 00:57:56

I enjoyed your book it keep me wanting to read to the end to find out what became off this beautiful family

Olori Ogunaike
02.08.2021, 18:16:58

l like this book is awesome

01.08.2021, 16:08:05

amazing work...I loved it..
keep it up...

Dr-Hana Khalid
25.07.2021, 05:05:52

Nice simple story

Olori Ogunaike
24.07.2021, 16:12:37

thank you

Sarita Shetty
21.07.2021, 21:06:50

Beautiful story ?

Hemalatha periyasamy
21.07.2021, 11:30:29

yeah Really India is secular country, each individual feels safe and secure

Maz Ahmed
18.07.2021, 13:53:05

Sweet story!

Asma Anam
19.07.2021, 20:33:35

Maz Ahmed, thank you

pradip maurya
19.07.2021, 18:46:44

I like your story author. This is addictive. Within a day i have read upto chapter 30.

Asma Anam
19.07.2021, 20:33:26

pradip maurya, thanks a lot

Vanshika Rubab
14.07.2021, 18:23:11

I wish I could read more of this book, can you write more?

Vanshika Rubab
19.07.2021, 11:22:50

Asma Anam, Thank you, will read it right away dear

Dream of books
18.07.2021, 09:41:20

omg i love you soo much dear I really love this book so much I think it's my first book that I loved in just short span of time it is soo good hope more books for him and I think in your future you will be a great author from this moment this book is my favorite book I love it tq so much for such a wonderful book love them more and more

Asma Anam
18.07.2021, 12:01:49

Dream of books, Thank you sm ❤️ you just made my day!

Dream of books
18.07.2021, 07:23:45

omg I really don't understand why Ana didn't saw Him may be when he was asleep she is there I think and book seems to interesting waiting for more i know you updated more chapters today and tq so much for that dear really love it

Asma Anam
18.07.2021, 08:39:48

Dream of books, the book is completed:-!

Dream of books
18.07.2021, 06:57:24

I really loved this story so much and thank you for updates waiting for more and ivreaoly felt when she Said she miss samosa and golgappe I miss them soo much dear

Asma Anam
18.07.2021, 07:04:47

Dream of books, thanks a lot :-)

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