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The Way It Goes


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Publication: 30.11.2018 — 11.01.2019
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They started doing CPR on him while I was in a corner not knowing what to do. Soon the old man died and the other girls had to drag Ayla away from him and telling her over and over that it was over before she gave up. They took his small body and put it beside the other dead bodies on the beach.
I checked them one more time for a pulse but without luck. I took a seat for a brief moment by them and put my head between my arms. I was shaking hysterically. This was the first time I had ever seen any dead body. I felt a cloth on my shoulders and I looked up frightened.

The plane had crashed and they were survivors. The strangers on the plane was Jay and Ayla

*Author* (My first public story. Thank you for reading and commenting, it is appreciated.)

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Nseobong Luke 09.08.2020, 08:57:19

the chapters are short

Gracie Ella leonard 16.07.2020, 00:29:24

please follow me back and like my new book titled the blessing in disguise

Gracie Ella leonard 16.07.2020, 00:28:04

mama, your book is pretty amazing

Anri Smit 11.10.2019, 11:13:29

bus* not buss

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Anri Smit 21.10.2019, 09:12:38

mama, No problem

Kerry Ward 21.01.2019, 13:58:52

loving it!

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mama 24.01.2019, 00:07:29

Kerry Ward, thank you for your support Kerry

Aroyeun Agboola 20.01.2019, 16:58:09

what's happening now

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mama 20.01.2019, 21:09:13

Aroyeun Agboola, hi, extra chapters. such as what happens to the others when the mains is on the island and life after marrige :). Right now i have my whole attention on Lost in the Haze but soon i will upload the extras.

mama 11.01.2019, 05:08:11

I officially am done with my first book ever! I will upload extra chapters soon as well as edit the existing chapters (I am well aware of the existing errors). But for now, I want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time and red my book and supported me. I ask for your support on my book ‘Lost in the Haze’. Thank you lots and lots! /mama

Shannen du plessis 01.01.2019, 09:51:41

Such a great read thank you can't wait for the rest!

Savage Rose 24.12.2018, 17:05:04

it's something unreal

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mama 25.12.2018, 02:33:24

Savage Rose, thank you. Comments gives me such an energy to update. :)

Lucy Roy 18.12.2018, 18:18:06

I´m in love with this book

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mama 18.12.2018, 20:43:42

Lucy Roy, thank you very much for the support

Jenny 14.12.2018, 13:08:22

at the moment it is my favorite from campus romance

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Jenny 16.12.2018, 14:22:43

mama, keep writing!

Kelli Callahan 09.12.2018, 12:32:26

I love it

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mama 11.12.2018, 14:29:19

Kelli Callahan, Thank you

Jessica Walker 04.12.2018, 13:32:08

it is a nice story, keep writing, only advise you to change the cover, looks strange

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Jessica Walker 07.12.2018, 11:24:56

mama, thank you for the explanation!

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