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They're Trouble


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Publication: 01.11.2020 — 09.11.2020

Description of book "They're Trouble "

Elly isn't shy. She is smart, troublesome and loud, but in a good way. She's basically a tomboy, loves playing sport and also a street fighter. She just moved to Colorado from Kansas with her mom after the death of her father, deciding to finish high school there.

Meet Mike, he's what you call a bad boy, he is quiet most times because he likes observing. He is the captain of the football team and he likes being in control. He and his group of friends love causing trouble.

They have nothing in common apart from the fact that they both like trouble.

Is that was enough to bring them together?

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Shreya Singh 04.12.2020, 19:46:02

It's wonderful I really love this story
My fvrt character is lou:):):)❤ and Elly of course the badass:):):)

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Moreni 04.12.2020, 20:43:57

Shreya Singh, Thank you so much :-)

Xtine mwash 29.11.2020, 16:39:54

Nice book

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Moreni 29.11.2020, 19:48:39

Xtine mwash, Thank you

co-books 09.11.2020, 14:01:12

OK, I will make sure i read it and keep an open mind .Thanks bye.

co-books 09.11.2020, 09:53:41

Ok ,if it is supposed unreal fine i have no problem with that .I will be waiting for another story line from you.But I just wanted to state what i thought .Thanks.

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Moreni 09.11.2020, 13:51:31

co-books, Thank you. I hope you still read They're Trouble but with an open mind and you can check out my other book, 'Separated In Love'. Thanks.

co-books 06.11.2020, 18:02:28

The book was QUITE good before you decided to make unreal and why does it have to like the book of THE GHOST #1.Am not saying its not good but its unreal and sweet anymore

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Moreni 06.11.2020, 20:13:57

co-books, Hi Co-books, First of all, I first posted this book first on Wattpad, so I do not know what book, 'The Ghost' is. Secondly, why is it no longer unreal and not sweet? If you do not relate to the characters, you are not supposed to, it is fiction, it's supposed to be light hearted and unrealistic, not like real life and that is why I wrote it. I do not expect anyone to be like this in real life or to relate to the characters, It is just for fun.
Thank you.

Isabella Fennimore 03.11.2020, 17:19:55

You sure this is your first book!!?! I dont really think so!! Am absolutely in love with ur writing!! Its so good! will be waiting for the updates!

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Moreni 04.11.2020, 20:24:32

Isabella Fennimore, Really? Thank you so much. I am happy someone enjoys it.
I have updated on both books, I hope you like them. Thank you again for your comments, appreciate them.


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