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Together in the journey called life


Story about:rich life and normal life love

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Ongoing: 16 Oct 41 pages

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Description of book "Together in the journey called life"

Liliana and her friend, Evangelina are teachers in a normal school. Both of them were raised in an orphanage.

Alexander, born in a rich Colton family, is the only son of a rich business woman, Amelia. Alex's dad passed away in an accident. Amelia does anything for Alex but he only likes being simple rather than being so classy like his mother.

Amelia is the first child in her family. She has a younger brother and a younger sister. Armando, her younger brother always listens whatever Amelia says. That's why Amelia's favourite is Armando. All they want is

What happens when Alex and Lili fall in love? Trouble starts when both Alex and Lili accepted their love!


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Beautiful girl
13.10.2021, 05:31:14

But seriously I hate that Amelia and Armando character but still I'm eagerly waiting to see what's the truth. I like the friendship between Eva and Lili and the friendship between Alex and Caleb.

13.10.2021, 05:45:13

Beautiful girl, I'm glad you like the characters from my story. Keep reading!

Beautiful girl
13.10.2021, 05:28:55

Just tell to Alex lah! Haiyaa.

13.10.2021, 05:44:34

Beautiful girl, Stay tuned and see what's gonna happen

Amrita Koul
10.10.2021, 08:43:50


10.10.2021, 09:00:32

Amrita Koul, Thank you. Keep on reading to know more!

Beautiful girl
08.10.2021, 04:42:13

Wow nice book. I like it. I'm eagerly waiting to know what's the truth that Amelia was speaking. Alex and Lili are kinda cute

08.10.2021, 05:47:05

Beautiful girl, I'm glad that you like my story. Keep on reading to know more!

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
02.10.2021, 20:29:21

wow Alex spoke bold words about rich I love it and his mother I don't like her Caleb,Alex and Ryan I love them though Ryan is a playboy.

03.10.2021, 05:09:43

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, I'm glad you like the characters from my story.

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
02.10.2021, 16:00:38

nice one I can't wait to read more of it , omg is it gonna be a love triangle between the brothers Alex, Ryan and Lili?

02.10.2021, 16:06:19

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, Stay tuned and find out!

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