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Description of book "Traitor"

A traitor or a victim ? What was she?Was she a person who betrayed the only man she ever loved or was she a mere victim caught in crossfire?

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udhaybir shahi 20.04.2021, 04:38:38

please update soon

udhaybir shahi 15.04.2021, 20:53:20

am confused

Moonbow 08.04.2021, 16:12:38

hey guys , I'll try to update as soon as possible.I have my exams going on so the updates are taking time .Sorry.

udhaybir shahi 07.04.2021, 20:21:23

please update faster

udhaybir shahi 07.04.2021, 20:21:09

am eager to read

udhaybir shahi 07.04.2021, 20:20:56


Bookworm 07.04.2021, 17:34:27

nice book looking forward to read it

Sheetal 07.04.2021, 13:12:13

I love it

Immaculate Atim Oketch 07.04.2021, 00:19:46

Sold, just like that

Immaculate Atim Oketch 05.04.2021, 11:02:04

Seems, it'll be interesting.
Already waiting, added to library

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Moonbow 06.04.2021, 09:29:39

Immaculate Atim Oketch, thnx for the support

Princee Tiwari 02.04.2021, 13:08:11

Comment has been deleted

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