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Trouble with love

Tucky Vivian

Story about:a story about love and betrayal

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#169 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 11 Mar 12 pages

Publication: 11.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Trouble with love"

AUDREY Zachary woke up one day and found herself in a brothel at the young age of sixteen. her looks and body curves gives her away as a young man claimed her. she hated her life and vowed to run away.

Lucas Hamilton aka Luke is a prosperous business man who has no regard for women and human life.

What will happen when they meet? and how will Audrey face her past when she comes face to face with her claimer years after being liberated and after she has fallen in love?

Or is there a story behind her capture? or better still will Lucas accept her past?


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Dolapo Ekemode
24.06.2021, 00:25:53

An interesting read!

Tucky Vivian
25.06.2021, 09:46:26

Dolapo Ekemode, Thanks

Khaylee Jenner
20.06.2021, 01:56:21

I'm loving the story so far.
please keep up with the updates
you're a star

Khaylee Jenner
23.06.2021, 02:14:20

Tucky Vivian, It's my pleasure

Tanya Gupta
12.06.2021, 23:33:54

I don't know why people hasn't given star to this lovey story.. Either they are mad or they immersed themselves so much in the story that they forget.... Highly underated...By the way author, when should I expect the next update by the way..... I loved your story....

Tucky Vivian
17.06.2021, 09:27:16

Tanya Gupta, Aww. Thanks dear

Tabitha Mutashi
06.06.2021, 20:22:51

Thanks for the update, u made my day. am in love with this story

Tucky Vivian
10.06.2021, 22:46:08

Tabitha Mutashi, You're welcome ?

Rubina Amreen
26.05.2021, 09:22:33

its been more then are u updateing further
or not

Tabitha Mutashi
09.05.2021, 15:15:23

please update soon

Tucky Vivian
09.05.2021, 20:22:39

Tabitha Mutashi, I will ?

Mwanatumu Tsuma
13.04.2021, 16:39:31

very interesting story. love it. kindly update

Tucky Vivian
14.04.2021, 17:36:45

Mwanatumu Tsuma, I will

Tabitha Mutashi
12.04.2021, 19:29:52

interesting story please update soon

Tucky Vivian
13.04.2021, 02:23:45

Tabitha Mutashi, I will thanks

11.04.2021, 19:26:00

loving the story cant wait for more

Tucky Vivian
11.04.2021, 19:41:45

Angel, Thanks. Will update tomorrow ❤️❤️

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