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Unsavory Redemption


Story about:revenge, romance, heartbreak

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Publication: 22.07.2020 — 26.08.2020

Description of book "Unsavory Redemption "

Their love was their ravage that left them in a desolate place as they became euphorically ignorant of their unsavory redemption.
Rebecca Morris, Stuck in an undesirable situation of marrying the guy who gave his heart to her sister but her father who thought of her as nothing but a contempt wanted to threw her away. By using a cheap trick, he finally threw away his disgrace, bounding her life with a guy who loved her sister dearly.
Ryan Knight, when left with no choice but to spend his life with a person he doesn't want to, an arousal for revenge to make their lives hell blind him as he swore to break each and every person of the family who deceived him. Starting with his wife who married him knowing that he loves his sister
Being ignorant of the fact that all of them are a victim

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Marj Ebg 18.10.2020, 17:24:46

What a tear jerking story!i cannot stop my tears from falling.i love it!thank you author for this story.

Pamela Hardeo 15.10.2020, 19:41:10

lovely book you write very well keep up the good work

Sumaya Tonny 15.10.2020, 19:28:36

I'm totally lost myself into their love. An amazing love story. good work author. I wish you all the best.

Rupsa Roy 14.10.2020, 16:49:34 is such a beautiful story...I loved it how Ryan thought of taking revenge but couldn't take it... beautiful choice of really touched my heart.

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Baighaan 15.10.2020, 13:58:12

Rupsa Roy, Thank You!

Ferdinna Christiya 06.10.2020, 13:08:32

My God...your novel made me cried lots???? i felt like i can feel her pain.well done Baighan

Samar Sam 05.09.2020, 03:12:28

so emotional n close to heart ❤️

vandana gupta 29.08.2020, 12:31:30

Beautiful story!! Such an emotional roller coater. Cried my heart out. Sometimes I feel why relationships are so complex. Why can't we keep it simple and just say simple 3 words...I love you. I am so happy you gave us a happy ending. Awesome writing!! Keep up the good word. Looking forward to read more of your stories ❤

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Baighaan 29.08.2020, 21:29:39

vandana gupta, Thanks for reading my reading book! I hope you won't be disappointed.

LynnDoctor 29.08.2020, 15:44:09

Definitely a tear jerker. Full of emotions... I love it.

Chanchal P 28.08.2020, 09:25:50

Really a beautiful story. Keep writing.

rita kumari 27.08.2020, 20:47:17

Amazing!! Fantastic!! and..... Gosh....I can't explain the roller coaster of emotion you gave me ..... I smiled like a silly.... cried like a child.... God...I don't have words to explain your work.... One of the best books I have ever read.....
I want more such books.... with same deep thoughts in between...they are the thing which convey the feelings directly.... And directly affect your heart... I appreciate you work... and ...I don't have words... well done!! and once more... I want more stories like these..

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Baighaan 28.08.2020, 02:18:42

rita kumari, Thank you very much! I am deeply rejoiced that you liked it.

Maria Fe 27.08.2020, 17:47:59

heartbreaking chapter i feel sad:(':(.

Sheeba Pratheesh 27.08.2020, 14:35:18

Good story

Kaylene D 27.08.2020, 11:08:35

this was just good very surreal.

Anjaani 22.08.2020, 20:27:23

I wish I could give you more stars, the way you explain the emotions the characters are going through, I really feel small as a writer with your narration.

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Baighaan 24.08.2020, 23:01:34

Anjaani, Anjaani, First, Thank you so much for liking my book and second, Ajaani never compare yourself with others, you are unique and no one can match your way to write. Every story held different emotion, all that matters whether you can feel them or not. You don't have to feel low.

Kaylene D 21.08.2020, 22:24:00

this is one gripping story. it wakes up emotion in way I can't describe. there are only three other books here that have had the same effect on me.i can only say wow.

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Baighaan 22.08.2020, 14:13:29

Kaylene D, Thanks!

Sia bhardwaj 21.08.2020, 21:20:52

So Glad, you updated it. I was waiting for a long tym to read next chapters. Thank you :)

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Baighaan 22.08.2020, 00:40:30

Sia bhardwaj, Your welcome!

Sia bhardwaj 09.08.2020, 21:54:38

It's really amazing. This story does not let me concentrate on other things . Every time I end myself thinking about this book. Please update it soon.

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Sia bhardwaj 16.08.2020, 00:17:57

Sia bhardwaj, Very anxious to read more. Plz update it soon.

Kaylene D 11.08.2020, 14:26:21

awesomely magnificent. loved each sentence. so awesome witty humourous and enlightening

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Baighaan 12.08.2020, 11:48:36

Kaylene D, I will!

Sheeba Pratheesh 11.08.2020, 21:00:32

Fascinating and thrilling.....

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Baighaan 12.08.2020, 01:53:56

Sheeba Pratheesh, thanks!

Cara mou 10.08.2020, 19:06:06

very good story..her agony made me cry..his confused emotions towards her make me.wonder i just hope he realizes their feelings before he or she lose each other

The last comment in the thread:

Baighaan 12.08.2020, 01:53:36

Cara mou, you have to read to find out. ;)

Sheeba Pratheesh 10.08.2020, 11:28:08

Hello ,why why why no updates . Pushing us to the edge with no updates ..................................Please update dear

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