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Vampire on Fire


Story about:vampire and human, vampire chef

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#502 in Paranormal Romance
#311 in Supernaturals

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Publication: 14.02.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Vampire on Fire"

Vampires and humans cohabit in peace in the City of Pinephil. Vampires are divided into two factions: shadow vampires are the ones who put mercy on the bottom of their list and scavengers are those who do not take pleasure in killing and clanking a glass of human blood but to celebrate holidays like an ordinary human being.

And oftentimes, Scavenger Hut is a place to be if you want a safe celebration between you and your family. But behind these great cuisines stands a two-star Michelin chef who has spent his life savoring every drop of chances to earn his third star and vanquish La Rosa. But how can he do it when his adversary is a coward who crawls to the Elders' feet and hides behind his puppets?


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Joyblesin Joyce
01.03.2022, 14:24:29

Comment has been deleted

Joyblesin Joyce
02.03.2022, 10:37:45

Meggysa, thanks for response we will be waiting patiently

02.03.2021, 23:41:05

Nice description. I love how your work is neat and nicely spaced well good luck

Joyblesin Joyce
01.03.2022, 14:24:56

Safy, is there part two

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