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Vector Alpha

Ryo Francis

Story about:action, suspense, monsters

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#13 in Science fiction
#30 in Horror

Ongoing: 08 Sep 28 pages

Publication: 08.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Vector Alpha"

In the near future… mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and all other insects are now extinct as mankind rejoices thinking they will finally live their lives free from these nuisance pests — but without warning, new vectors appear out of nowhere as they land themselves right on top of the food chain…

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Jared B 19.08.2020, 21:47:04

Way to start the novel; got me hooked pretty quick! It's really dope, keep going.

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Jared B 20.08.2020, 06:51:12

Ryo Francis, i will

Dora_the_explorer 09.08.2020, 15:29:03

Your ideas are really cool! I love this chapter. Can't wait for another chapter!

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Ryo Francis 16.08.2020, 08:26:34

Dora_the_explorer, thank u so much — really want to do something different

Dora_the_explorer 08.08.2020, 22:50:45


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Dora_the_explorer 09.08.2020, 15:14:34

Ryo Francis, Yay! I'll check it out now.

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