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Book. "What You Do To Me" read online

What You Do To Me

Ari Marah

Story about:interracial love, love and hate, billionaire romance

Age restriction: 18+

36 367

#1942 in Billionaires

Sample 29 pages

Publication: 11.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "What You Do To Me"

Lara Abrams is stuck in a lackluster job that doesn’t fail to remind her every day of the lack of progress concerning the dream she sacrificed everything for. She’s stuck living a lie she can’t turn back on. All she needs is a big break to assure her that she’s not a complete failure. The worst possible thing that could happen to her is definitely not meeting Zen Yoshida, billionaire CEO of ZOYA, in the most unfortunate circumstance and becoming entwined with him in a contract slash proposition of sorts. She thinks he’s the most egotistically, arrogant person she’s ever met and Zen thinks Lara is the most motivated yet unambitious designer he’s ever encountered. What follows sweeps them up in a whirlwind of friendship, love, lust-in no particular order- realizations and forbidden emotions


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Ginnie S Chua
13.02.2021, 13:50:58

Ending is abrupt. There's a good slow development going from Chapters 1-10 and then suddenly it's like the whole middle chunk of the story disappeared and I've gone to the ending. Are there chapters missing?

June Yula
12.02.2021, 17:31:28

June Yula
12.02.2021, 17:29:39

Ooo ooo my my my what a crazy and savage human

June Yula
12.02.2021, 17:08:29

What a douche

June Yula
12.02.2021, 16:56:09

This amused me

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