Book. "Where I Belong (sequel of My Nation)" read online

Where I Belong (sequel of My Nation)


Series: Elemental Series

Story about:fantasy, love triangle troubled past, elemental love

24 294

#62 in Romantic fantasy
#126 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 26 Sep 279 pages

Publication: 04.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Where I Belong (sequel of My Nation)"

Eullenuum Nation is now living in peace where our new princess that can control all 8 elements is ruling when a guy came into their nation...

A Filipino and like the 'former' Jethro we met, he's also coldhearted but just like Yani, he can control all the 8 elements. He felt he doesn’t belong in their nation even though he has the power and because of that, Yani was motivated to do everything just to convince him to stay.

What if it ended up in an unexpected event? Now that we know that the memories of our ice prince have been erased... will Yani find new love?

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Brilliant Jack
06.09.2022, 07:11:39

l was waiting for this and now I am happy like very happy l want more

08.09.2022, 03:12:32

Brilliant Jack, I am so glad as well that you are happy *o* have a great day ahead and happy reading hehe ^^