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#8 in Paranormal Romance
#31 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 21 May 31 pages

Publication: 12.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Wolf in the Office"

Leyla is a journalist for Echo Times, alongside her best friend Malakai, who started there at the same time. She's finally been given a shot to interview political candidate Wilfred Ivo. While there, she sees something she shouldn't have.

Wilfred killed someone. Not only that, but he's not human.

She confides in Malakai, only for him to reveal he's a werewolf. He's worried about her, and not just because they're friends, but because he's been in love with her for years.

The supernatural politician knows she saw something, and he's interested in her since he couldn't hypnotize her.

Malakai knows he has to do something to protect her, but what? Will marking her as his mate and binding them together be enough to keep her safe, even though he knows his clan will disapprove?


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