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Working For The Lights


Story about:love, deceit, work

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Description of book "Working For The Lights"

Rachael, a twenty two year old graduate from the university of Benin city, Nigeria, is thrown into uncertainty yet again. After losing her job due to the death of her boss who was involved in a car accident, Rachael moves in with Tolu and Peter her friends. But then she feels uneasy being the third wheel and terrible lacking sufficient fund to care for her sick mother so she applies online for the job of a housekeeper. She's relieved when she gets one but soon amazed when she discovers she'll be working in the Lights' Mansion.
The Lights are one of the most influential people in the country. When Dr Light employs Rachael he develops a liking for her but it's entirely different with Austin Light, his only son.
Austin finds too many flaws in her. But even with flaws love can be groomed.

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