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Zero Over Zero

Verrill Valierre

Story about:fantasy, action and adventure, crossover

Age restriction: 18+

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#48 in Anime Fanfiction

On Hold: 09 Jul 113 pages

Publication: 01.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Zero Over Zero"

It was another impossibility made real, another day for the Demon. Lelouch vi Britannia finds himself in a new world and Louise de la Vallière finds herself with a new ally. Both are Zero for different reasons, yet both began with nothing. Both are Zero in the end. Here they will rise above all else as they divide one another, the result undefinable by all means.


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Douglass Millsap
04.07.2019, 14:11:26

Siesta is coming

Verrill Valierre
10.07.2019, 00:55:11

That she will~ and soon~

Mark Timber
03.07.2019, 12:18:36

very good relationship

Verrill Valierre
10.07.2019, 00:54:57

Glad you think so!

Peter Bishop
02.07.2019, 14:53:56

I like it

Verrill Valierre
03.07.2019, 08:48:21

I like this

Roza Csergo
01.07.2019, 20:42:31

Hi. I must congratulate you on this achievement.
This is a very well done story. I added it to my library and I followed you.
I like the dynamic between the narration and dialogue.

Verrill Valierre
03.07.2019, 08:48:09

Thanks a bunch Roza! I try to make it as natural as possible. Feedback’s always welcome :)

01.07.2019, 20:33:08

this is a real friendship

Verrill Valierre
03.07.2019, 08:46:49

That’s what I hoped to make :D

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