A boon that turned out to be a bane



          I kept tossing and turning. I checked my watch literally for every five minutes. Why the fuck is this night feeling like forever?. I know, you all must be wondering why this big fuss. Actually I'm pretty exited. Tomorrow is my first day with badge. I still can't believe that I am one of the detective in Clearwater. Ha, finally I made it through the night. It was 7 am. I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower, dressed in a neat white shirt and blue denim, and finally came my favorite part. I took the badge and gun caressed it for a millionth and wore it on my belt. I took a deep breath, checked myself in the mirror for the one last time and went down. My mom was not home, so I assumed that she already left for work. I ate my morning salad, locked the door and left for the precinct. 

          As soon as I entered my unit, Francis welcomed me with his bear hug. "Congratulations kid, you finally made it. I wish your dad was here to witness your big day."

          The mention of my dad was still hurting. We lost him in an accident. " Me too, thanks." I said and he finally released me from his grip. Francis is my dad's best friend and my godfather. Just when I was about to sit on my cabin, I heard someone say "Don't. We got a case. Come let's rock n' roll." I turned to see who it was only to find my literal partner in crime David. David and me worked together for almost 2 years. We reached the parking lot together, David took the driver's seat, I sat on the passenger's seat and he started driving towards our first case. 


Edited: 02.05.2021

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