A story of lost idol


An Unexpected Encounter

“Ahh, New day” You exclaim as you troll down from bed to your feet “good morning” you wish your small new friend who is still in his bed as you walk to the washroom . After getting ready, you prepare for the breakfast for yourself and serve your friend who is eagerly waiting for his breakfast wagging his tail roaming around you

“Hmm tasting this I think I can be a cook! Shall I leave my job? You ask looking at your small puppy busy feeding himself.

Around 9.00 in the morning you leave for work taking your puppy to the babysitter.

It was a very sunny day as u were driving your car as usual and very carefully when a person from other side came running and clashed in front of your car, luckily you stepped on the break at correct time avoiding the accident to happen. You step out from the car looking at the person trembling on the ground in front of you car.

As you extend your hand to help him stand on his feet   he look at you with fear in his eyes. You felt something wrong was going on with him. He held your hand tightly asking for help! You looked around the staring eyes

“It’s ok, I will help you, I promise!”

“You will?” he asks with hope in his eyes

“Yes, I will, I promise!”

You help him get up on his feet, and walk him to the car and make him feel comfortable in the seat. You take a glance at those stares and turn the key in the ignition.

“Shall I take him to the police station?” you think glancing at him

“How did you ended up like this? I mean what exactly happened to you?” You ask him with a concern in your voice

He looks at you and takes the mask and cap off from his face to reveal his identity.

You stop the car at the corner hesitantly; shocked to know the person sitting next to you was no other but the Hallyu star JK

“Yes you are right; I am the man you are thinking about right now!”

“What Happ, No why are you…?” you stutter

“Please drive! I am in the danger right now,” he says putting his cap back

“Can you see those black cars?” you turn back following his gaze outside as he continues

“They are following us … can you drive fast so that they can’t be able to follow us or please let me drive! Huh!”

“This is no drama Mr. hold tight, I will drive!” u says glancing at the cars to know how far they are

“Hold tight and tie your seat belt,” you warn him

“Are you sure you can do this?” he asks you in disbelief

“Just believe me” you reply confidently and the car starts to run

You call your boss and inform that you will probably be late to work and hung up even before he says anything

You saw JK glancing at you several times

“Watch the cars! How far are they?”

“Still behind us!”

You call Jimmy, glancing in the rare mirror asking for backup to your car. As soon as the call ends within 10 min, you spot Jimmy’s car on the highway behind the stalkers car

You step on accelerator changing lanes from left to middle and middle to right trying to hide your car in front of the others. You call Jimmy to take your place as you spot a truck in front of you. Jimmy step on accelerator to cover your car, as you take a turn besides the truck making a turn Jimmy blocks the stalker making a U-turn in front of them pretending to be in an accident at the signal.

You take a glance at them getting out from the car but you move out of the scene believing that Jimmy will handle those thugs.

Meanwhile you spot JK staring at you in amaze

“Yeah that’s my specialty!” you say proudly

You take him to your place and by the whole way, you both do not utter a word. However, many questions are running in your mind but still looking at him so nervous, you ask nothing and just keep driving.

As you reach the destination, you get out of the car but he just kept looking at you without moving. You glance at him

“It’s Fine, It’s my place and a very safe place,” you say opening the door for him.

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