Beast In Beautiful Suit


"Get out of my office and go and do as told!"

 He bawled causing the young lad to shake in fear. He knew his boss was an atrabilious man who doesn't regard humans but he thought for the first time, his boss will be kind-hearted and listen to him.

"O-o-okay boss."

"Don't come back here without evicting them! Now go."

The young lad, whose name was Richard ran out of the office as if his life depended on it. His blond hair was now soaked with sweat and dirt making it look more brownish. He was not tall, just a couple of inches over 5 feet, and his slender body made him look like someone who hasn't eaten in forty days. As he made it out of the office building, he was thinking of how to pull this order off without hurting the poor family. They were a family of two, a mother and her little five-year-old son and he was supposed to evict them from this apartment that belonged to the boss. What made it strenuous was the fact that the woman was heavily pregnant and has lost her husband a few months ago. He has been there a couple of times to evict them but he couldn't bring himself to commit such a sin but here lies the case that his livelihood depended on it. He had to take care of his own family so after ten times of trying to evict them, he made up his mind to do it once and for all because it was clear the boss won't listen to him.

"No sir, please you know we have nowhere to go. Please can you just wait until I put to bed?"

The young mother who looked to be in her mid-twenties pleaded, showcasing how helpless she was. She was in this stage of her pregnancy where any little stress will force her to early labor and being homeless now was a big burden to her.

"I am sorry ma'am, I wish I could help you but my hands are tied." 

"Isn't there anything you can do? I know you have helped us a lot but please don't do this to us."

"Ma'am, believe me, I am helpless now. If I don't evict you, my boss will let another do it and I will lose my job. It's really hard for me to do this seeing how huge your bump has become." He gestured for the guys he had come along with to help her bring her things out. She took to wailing not knowing anyone who would help her. Her husband's family didn't support their marriage and inculpated her for his death. Though rich, they failed to help take care of the kid and after several times of pleading with them, she gave up. The bitterness they had for her was nothing she could reckon with and she knew they wished she was the one dead instead of their son.

"Listen lady, take this. That's all I am having on me. I know it can't do much but It will help with food for a few days."

Richard moved with pity, gave her ten-dollar notes amounting to two hundred dollars: money he has budgeted for the week. He perceived she needed it more than he did and after all, he still has his job.

"Thank you."

"Always welcome. Clean those tears. It will be alright. Just lift your head high and face the world boldly." Those were his lasts words to her before locking up the apartment.

Her five-year-old son Kharis, who was playing at a neighboring house ran home, hearing his mother's cries.

"Momma, what is it."

He asked his wailing mum, confused as to why she was crying. He just thought it was those normal days his mum cries. He had seen more tears in his mother's eyes for the five years he had lived. She cried when they had nothing to eat, she cried when he was running temperature, she cried when she sees the other children going to school and hers couldn't and she cried when she remembers how happy she was before her husband died. There were promises he never fulfilled before the accident took him. What has become of her life?. She thought. What happened to the world her husband promise he was getting for her?. He told her he will get her the whole world but is it how having the whole world feels like?

"Nothing babe, mummy is not really well."

"Sorry momma, let's go inside so you can have some of the medicine the doctor gave me."

In her sadness, her son made her smile with his naivety and cuteness. He was her world and had just hoped she could give him a better life.

"Thank you son, but those medications were given to you because you are a cute little boy and I am a whale." She laughed at her own joke in an attempt to wipe the frown off his face.

"Now come, we are going on a little vacation." 

She picked up her little belongings and started off without knowing where she was going. She only hoped a good samaritan will be kind enough to help but in this era where no one trusts anybody, how can someone take them in? 

She had a lot on her mind that she forgot her son was trailing behind her, she had let go of him to pick up the baby clothing she had managed to buy for her yet to be born babies. Kharis was distracted following an insect into the middle of the road. A car was coming at top speed but before his mother could react it was too late.

"Kharis nooo!"

She shouted succumbing to the ground, The driver didn't see the little boy on time and his brakes failed him. The effect of the collision caused the child to be lifted off the ground and returned a few meters away lifeless.

"No no Kharis, not you. You cannot do this to me. No Please wake up. It momma please Kharis, wake up please."

Holding her son in her arms, she sobbed, the pain being stronger than what she felt earlier. She has lost her husband, her home, and now right before her very own eyes her son. 

Seeing that the boy was dead and that people were starting to gather around, the driver who hasn't come out to check the condition of the boy, drove off, at the same speed he killed the boy with.


Jules Lamptey

Edited: 20.02.2021

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