Beautiful Tragedy

1. The inevitable destiny

The first snow was falling and the weather looked truly mesmerizing everything seems static in that quiet surroundings but then a dynamic occurs by the sound of sirens and wailing of people. It's December 13, at 8:00 p.m. in Bella Palem Street No.4 Hallein people are gathered around the corpses which were on the floor covered in a white sheet, and the crime scene is seized by the police and detectives there were a total of 12 corpses lying on the floor and the persons who died are of every age from a child of age 5 years to the old man of age 60 they were brutally murdered as all the blood in the body was drained out and they looked pale but the most frightening thing was when police found the corpses they were hanging with a rope around the neck in a dark room of the house their whole body was already covered in a white sheet and their face was unrecognizable with blood on the upper part of the sheet even police officers were shaken to their core its been 15 days til their murder but today they got a tip from an unknown call in the case of missing persons so they quickly raided the place and that's what they find. The neighborhood was scared out of their wits and the news was so big that it already went into an uproar, media got crazy competing against each other for the very first coverage. From the crowd, there was a girl quietly watching the scene after some time with a smirk on her face she left the crime scene.

The forensic team was flabbergasted as when they went there to collect the evidence but after searching for nearly 2 hours they couldn't find anything not even a fingerprint or footsteps.

"Sir we couldn't find anything," the subordinate said

The police officer's eyes were red with anger he yelled at them"Keep searching even if you have to dig the ground "

Subordinates were so afraid to make a sound and so keep on with their search.

But their endless efforts result in nothing so they started their investigation from scratch the house was sealed and the neighborhood was warned to be safe as the culprit is still outside and can cause much chaos in the future. The families of the victim were blaming police officers for not carrying out their duty sensibly they were yelling at them

"What the F*** you all were doing when my child was murdered "the kid's mother yelled at them she continues crying  "My child!! My child, he was just 5 years old what grudge can someone hold against him" then she broke out.

Her husband who was quite sensible hold the hands of an officer and said in an appealing tone "Please sir, Please catch the culprit soon " his hands were trembling.

Officer consoled him saying "Sir, please do not worry we will make sure that the culprit could not breathe in the world for a long time " The man nodded.

The next day newspapers headline were blasted with this case 

"The serious homicide case occurs what was the police doing."

"It's the serious call to take action or else mankind is doomed."

"This case is a direct slap on the Officer's face"

"Another psychopath has emerged."

"Who can ensure the safety of citizens?"

there were several headlines like this and people were reposting it on their social media account commenting and sharing their views on the incident some even assumed that there is some supernatural power behind this case it could be vampire, zombies noting the fact that the blood was drained out, face eater devil as from the sources they got the information that their face was ravaged.

Every eye was in this case so, the police were diligently carrying their investigation.




Edited: 08.01.2021

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