By helicopter or high water


By helicopter or high water 
A single cloud slowly drifted through an otherwise perfectly blue sky. The refillable plastic cup was starting to burn Sharon’s hand bringing her back to earth. A daydream about her film star ruined. Every morning Sharon was expected to bring a steaming hot coffee bought from a specialist barista that only sold ridiculously overpriced coffee. In her opinion for what that was worth.  

Sharon was the great Duncan Bloomquist’s P.A. The guy made his fortune originally by making and selling hours boxes. Once that business was up and running. Another opportunity arose leading Duncan into consideration and farm machinery. To impress prospective customers Duncan learned how to fly helicopter's and would take them out on trips. Somehow he stumbled into another market in Monaco using helicopters like a taxi service. From all of this Duncan couldn’t seem to do anything but make money. Entrepreneurs from around the world had started calling him Midas. Duncan was fully aware of the nickname and wasn’t bothered in the slightest. 

Sharon walked into Duncan’s bedroom placing his coffee down his bedside table his bedroom smelled sweet not like farts and body odour how she remembered her dads bedroom After her mum died.  

"Morning Duncan time to get up.” 

Sharon said in a firm but friendly voice and simultaneously picking up the remote control to open the curtains and switch on the TV wall all preset to certain channels. One for news one for stocks one for weather so on and so forth. None had sound on just subtitles until Duncan chose to listen to one. With a cough, Duncan opened his eyes sitting up and letting the sheets fall to his waist revealing his toned and tanned body his biceps and triceps bulging as he lifted his wait up. This was Sharon’s highlight if the day. One day he would catch her starring at his reflection in the mirror. Duncan picked up his drink and took a sip.  

“Sharon this coffee is just right this morning thank you for putting in some effort so far. Now pass me my post and fill me in on the day’s agenda.” 

Nothing is ever good enough for this prick. Looks did not make up for personality in Sharon’s opinion but there had been times where she had seen a softer side just not as often as she would have liked. Swallowing down a little bit of anger Sharon read out Duncan's diary step by step minute by minute every detail planes for the entire day nothing left to chance. Duncan’s clothes for the day had already been laid out the night before by his stylist Rico a flamboyant Spanish man that if you were to look at him you would guess his job to be something like a drag artist. Sharon and the other staff members loved Rico he brought sunlight into any room. A funeral would be a cheerful place with him there it’s just the type of guy he is. 

Duncan looked up at the TV. His face changed into a scowl and his fist slammed down on his matters. 

“How dare you let this happen Sharon. I have an hour and a half to work out and get ready before my first video conference. Book your ideas up before your sent on your way.” 

Duncan didn’t exactly shout but the tone of his words left Sharon feeling like she had really fucked up.  
“Yes Mr Bloomquist it will never happen again I’m so sorry.” 

Duncan swung his legs out of bed and stormed off to his ensuite keeping his back to Sharon all the time. Sharon wasn’t ok with being in trouble but she was ok with seeing his tight ass wiggle away. Duncan put a robe on and walked back in. 

“Go find something useful to do while I work out. Be back in time to help get me ready.” 

Sharon walked out refusing to show that Duncan had hurt her feelings in any way. Who would he find to do all she does every day of the week? No one that’s who he needs me more than I need him? No one it’s about time he showed some appreciation. With those angry thoughts swirling around in her head Sharon left. 

Duncan sat down on his bed. Why did he lose his temper with her she does not deserve treating like he does. Guilt racked his emotions and confusion. What was making him feel like this never before had getting annoyed with someone made him feel anything but better. Well, she was a young attractive woman who was more than competent at her job. What was he thinking and where were these thoughts taking him? That was enough he shook it of and went to, his gym a work out would sort this out. 

Sharon stormed down to the kitchen to make sure Duncan’s breakfast was going to be on time.  
“Chef Manwell how is breakfast coming along the master is in a foul mood.” 
“Arr Sharon come in sit and tell Manwell all about it and I will make you a little something too.” 
“Thank you Manwell it’s all good just giving you a warning. “ 


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