Colourland Series 5: Preliminaries


This is the Tournament Preliminaries series.

Chapter 1
Training Hard

Morning came, King Bobby and the advisors then woke up and they then ate their breakfast. They then headed outside and they went to an area where they were training their moves.

" We need all the power in the universe " said King Bobby. " We will crush this tournament "
" Warbler will be found and our victory will happen "

Lord Grackle was able to use the Bird Implosion.

" My abilities have gotten so good " said Lord Grackle.
" Crayon must go down, QuackQ may be happy about the Bear going away but Crayon cannot ever be a friend to Warbler " said King Bobby.
" Our meals are better, we are making his life better " said Queen Starling.

Colour King had woken up in Colourland with all his officials.

" That Challenger will pay " said Colour King. " I am so Colourlandish, Colourland needs to be as Colourlandish as possible "
" The people do not like Challenger " said Colour Dictator.
" Yes, they must have Colour King in charge " said Colourclever.
" Colourland will belong to us and Colour King will lead " said Colour Queen.
" I need to be the leader of Colourland, my opinion is so good " said Colour King. " People must agree with me for the sake of Colourland "
"  My opinion is truly Colourlandish, I will stop Challenger for the sake of Colourland "
" Now we will head out for training " said Colour Queen.
" Yes " said Colour Administrator. " Colourlandish people see a jackass when they see Challenger "
" When Colour King is there people do not call him one at all "
" Colour King must regain power "

They all then heard about the tournament, they then started to train.

They then noticed King Bobby.

" Well, this is now the ultimate alliance " said King Bobby.
" The last time we met in person was very long ago " said Colour King.
" We will make our countries as good as possible, that Challenger guy must go "
" We want Warbler and we must take him from Crayon and his friends " said King Bobby.
" Well, good training to you all "
" We are allies, it must stay this way " said Queen Starling.
" Crayon and his friends will be stopped, Warbler will be in Bird's Isle at the end " said King Bobby. " Me and Colour King will be the finals "

Colour King and his officials then were training their moves.

Crayon and his friends got up and then they were contacted by King Bobby. The message said this.

Crayon, you cannot hide forever. All of us are training our abilities, we will meet at the tournament if not sooner. We expect Warbler and Allie back in Bird's Isle at the end of this. We do not want you hanging out with him, Allie knows how much she loves Warbler so she will agree. You will need to train harder than you ever have to even have a chance here.

King Bobby Blackbird

" Allie does love Warbler but Warbler doesn't want to be around these guys " said Colourea.
" I wonder if Grackle and Dove will enter " said Colouruke.
" I could see it " said Artby. " Bakers want more of our friends to fight "
" Bakers love our friends, they bake for them "

Crayon and his friends then made their breakfast and they went outside and they saw Challenger.

" Good morning " said Challenger.
" Good morning, Challenger " the four of them said.
" There will be tons of training now " said Challenger.
" We were messaged by King Bobby " said Crayon.
" He wants Warbler and Allie in Bird's Isle "
" His demands will not succeed " said Challenger.
" We will fight hard "
" Warbler enjoys being around us " said Colouruke.
" Bakers want us hanging with him " said Artby. " Baking does so much "
" I love bakers, my love for the baker is extremely strong "
" Well, we should go train " said Challenger.
" The tournament is super tough " said Colourea. " We will need it "

They then headed to their regular training spot and then they started their training.

Challenger used the Electrocution Implosion, Crayon used the Bird Implosion, Colourea and Artby used the Heatwave Implosion while Colouruke used the Deepsea Implosion.

" Awesome power " said Challenger.
" We are still very strong " said Crayon.
" We will crush this tournament " said Artby. " Bakers want a customer of theirs to win over people that do not eat at the bakeries "
" When a customer wins, it is better for bakers "
" How so ? " asked Colourea.
" It makes bakers happier and prouder of themselves, they love themselves more " said Artby.
" I will be a customer that does that "
" Uh, okay " said Colouruke.
" Well, we should use our blasts " said Challenger.

Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Blast, Crayon, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Blast.

" Awesome to see " said Challenger.
" It's asskicking time " said Artby. " We will give King Bobby one "
" King Bobby is a man that will not go down easily but we should be ready " said Colouruke.
" Baking always prevails and so does customers " said Artby.
" Baking never dies, bread will always be eaten by me " 
" Well you do enjoy the bread a lot " said Colourea.
" Bread never dies " yelled Artby.
" Uh, okay " said Colourea.
" Time to use our bombs " said Challenger.

Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb, Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Bomb, Colourea and  Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb while Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Bomb.

" Nice exploding " said Challenger.
" Bakers love that from a customer " said Artby.
" Do they ? " asked Colouruke.
" They sure do, customers can protect the baker " said Artby.
" Great customers have made sure that bakers can truly bake "
" Customers are very useful in different ways "
" From purchases " said Colourea.
" Not just the purchases, the way a customer fights can truly inspire a baker " said Artby.
" It is truly inspiring for a baker to bake when they see that "
" Well, we should use our strikes " said Challenger.


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