Arebelle is a wicked witch, but has yet to earn that title, which makes her the disgrace to her family. Unlike her perfect twin sister who has always excelled at everything she did and was the apple of her parents eye.
When her parents decide that mariannie, her twin sister is betrothed to the king of their kingdom, Arebelle is put under pressure to earn her title as wicked witch and get married to a decent wizard. Since it was rare for witches to find mates, and even if they did they had to run away for fear of being killed by their own mates.
But what happens when her mate to be the leader of a pack that has been hunting them for decades?
Will she do everything in her power to be with him or will she run away to save herself?
Follow this spectacular story of Arebelle trying to grow and find her way through trials.



She has honey brown eyes and raven black hair. Cupid lips, a button nose with an oval shaped face. Her smooth brown skin has always been her biggest asset apart from being a witch.


He is a charming young werewolf whose the leader of the EASTWOOD MOON PACK that defeated the witch clan a long time ago. Xavior is known for being a cursed werewolf.


She's the total opposite of her sister. She's selfish, cruel, cold-hearted, merciless and unforgiving. She looks exactly like Arebelle. Mariannie envies her sister and her careful life to that point that she wishes she was her.




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