Emberhearth: A Reader Influenced Litrpg Adventure

Author's Foreword

Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to enjoy my story!

Before you embark on your journey into the world of Emberhearth, I just want to provide you with some context for this project. This story is predicated on the idea of reader input. Unlike a traditional story where the author is the main driver of plot and character development, I have decided to delegate these responsibilities to you, the readers.

This story will be written in installments (of a few chapters at a time). At the end of each installment, I will provide a link to a poll in the comment section where you will be able to vote on the actions that the main character and others will take. After a period of days, I will close the poll and the choices that receive the most votes are the ones that I will use to author the story. In this way, each one of you will have an opportunity to impact the story - and let me be very clear here, your choices will alter the story significantly. 

If you are reading this after the choices have already been made, fear not. If this experiment is successful you can expect to see more reader influenced storytelling from me in the future. Even if this story flops, which I certainly hope it does not, I suspect that more stories like this will emerge from authors in the LitRPG genre and beyond. This story will also be published on RoyalRoad under the username "DistantUndercurrent".

Thank you and enjoy,


(P.S. the cover for this book was created at graphicsprings.com, which I definitely recommend for your next writing project).

G. Carleton

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Edited: 25.07.2019

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