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...and then it hit me

We were going to be late.

We’ve had forty minutes to get to the airport. And we were going to be late.

I was driving nearly 20 miles over the limit, trying to get my Giulietta to reach her maximum. But unless a miracle happened and she turned into a Batmobile, there was no way we were going to make it to the airport on time.

"Come on, come on, come on... " Sierra rocked back and forth in her seat, her eyes focused on the road.

"Shut up, Sierra. You're making me nervous."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just a hundred dollars and my life at stake. No pressure."

I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe we would have made it if you hadn’t run around the house three hundred times, grabbing all your stuff in a hurry."

"Oh, shut up." her eyes narrowed. " I wonder how you would look like if you got to know you had to be on a different continent in two days, smiling and ready for one of your dozen cousin's wedding."

I didn't say anything because I knew she was right. Two days ago Sierra got a call from her Mum telling her one of her countless cousins was getting married and she had to come back home quickly. She said him and his fiancée got engaged last week and wanted to get married as quickly as possible. Turns out that if they didn't want to wait until next year, they had to do it next Sunday. And since Sierra was Spanish, she and her family took such things very seriously. Well, maybe just her family. My best friend thought love was stupid and weddings were useless (just like I did), but even she didn't have enough balls to stand up to her mother. Esperanza Hayes wasn't the kind of woman you discussed with. And she sure as hell wasn't the kind of woman you pissed off if you wanted to keep your head on the right side of your body.

So here we were, on our way to the airport, speeding as crazy but still late as hell.

Welcome to my life, an endless rollercoaster of unexpected events and stupid coincidences.

I was just changing gears, trying to overtake some Smart, when I head Sierra's scream:

"Watch out!"

I instinctively slammed on the brakes, but something told me it was already too late. A terrible shudder rolled through the car and I gripped the steering wheel so tight my fingers turned white. A second later I heard a loud crack and I couldn't see what was happening because the safety pillow exploded in my face.

"Si? Si! You alive?" I felt panic rising in my throat.


Against everything, I felt the urge to grin. Oh yeah, she most definitely was alive and alright.

The quick flash of good humour instantly passed, though, when I realized what has just happened.

An impressive string of curses left Sierra’s mouth as she burst out of the car before I could even unbuckle. Making sure I could move every part of my body, I unbuckled my seat belt and rolled outside.

When I saw what was happening, I wanted to come back in the car, and never leave it again.

There was a black SUV in front of my car. Or rather, on the front of my car, since half of the front mask was shattered and plastered to its bumper.

Oh, no, no, no, no...

Ignoring the cacophony of horns blasting out around me, I rounded the car and assessed the damage.


The entire front of my car was shattered. It looked as if it has survived a close encounter with a ripper. And then fell off a cliff. And then was run over by a tank. And then...

"What the fuck have you done?"

My head snapped up at the sound of the deep voice coming from somewhere above me. My eyes instantly locked with a pair of hazel ones, now more green than brown, probably tinted this colour with anger. I took in the furrowed brows, the deep frown to his lips and the tension in his body.

Oh, boy, this was so not good...

"I... I wasn't planning on it..."

"You weren't planning on it?" he exploded, looking down at me. "Are you fucking serious?"

He averted his eyes and shook his head, thrusting his hand through his brown hair. I watched the storm of emotions appearing on his face, the hard set to the strong line of his jaw. He was angry. Furious, even. And I knew it was all directed at me.

"No, no, no!" Sierra's moans brought me back to reality.

She appeared on our side of the car, with her fingers tangled in her hair and plain desperation on her face.

"I'm damned, I'm literally damned."

She looked at the shattered front of my Giulietta and groaned.

"That's it. After all that had happened, my mum is going to kill me over a stupid car crash. God bless me."

Oh, shit. I've forgotten. The airport. The flight. The lack of time. Must have been the shock.

Either way, Sierra's mother was really going to kill her. All because of me.

See? I wasn't joking when I said the faith hated me.

My gaze darted to the giant SUV I've just hit. Its bumper was a little pressed in, but apart from it, it looked unscathed.

Suddenly, an idea appeared in my head.

"You." I focused my gaze on the guy. "I..."

I stopped, having no idea how to put it. There was no way in hell he was going to help me. Not after I'd hit his car with mine and destroyed his whole day.


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