Expensive Dreams

I visit this Dream everyday !!

A serene landscape, musical river with dancing ripples, swaying grasslands, clear sky, pleasant sunshine, chirpy birds…an absolute land of harmony. She was amazed at this picturesque reel.  She comes there every day and enjoys every moment walking till the last milestone.

It’s like salvation, heaven on earth, unable to express how beautiful it is to be there.
As she kept walking in the woods, she didn’t realize there was someone behind her who was constantly watching her it seems. She couldn’t dare to turn back however gathered guts to see around but couldn’t see anyone and then hushed her thoughts and asked herself, “ why would anyone follow me”.  She resumed walking and could hear the dry leaves crunching.

She said to herself, “ Take a deep breath and keep walking”.
As she closed her eyes for perhaps five seconds, a glimpse of a person whom she knew very well but couldn’t connect with the fraction of a blink. Opened the eyes and sighed!!

Further ahead, she got badly stuck as if something was pulling her dress.  The sweat trickled down her forehead touching the cheeks and the neck, pulse speeding up as if she  had to win the race, hands shivering, numb, gulping the spit, longing to quench. “ Was it him again?”

“ Am I in some kind of trouble?”…. She just  shook off and pulled herself ahead, turned back but alas!!. It was just a thorny plant. Pulse slowed down, felt a bit relaxed now but turning point was the little slope where she tumbled, rolled and rolled on the green grass, stopped by a huge tree trunk, head winning and in a fraction of a second she was zapped to find herself in a bedroom lying on the floor few steps away from her bed.

Staring the ceiling, fingers tickling the soft carpet below, still lying like a vegetable on the floor, she asked herself, “Why does this happen everyday?” .

Suddenly the maids rushed in, were trying to help her to get up but she was almost in coma state, perhaps could hear the maids requesting but no action from her side. Eye balls oscillating from one end to another, ear drums were thumping with hoarse sound waves and a splash of water on her face, the oscillation stopped !!  Eyes were at a stand still, as if someone said STATUE to her.

Regaining the normalcy, she got up and went to the washroom. Glaring herself at the mirror, splashed water, opened eyes wide, looked around and it was the same place where she spent hours thinking and planning her next moves but every day was like a new task for her because each day was a failure.
The maids had the stunning coffee brown dress ready for her, matching accessories, a room of the princess with expensive stuff, supreme jewellery, countless footwear,  priceless frame of the couple – she and her handsome prince kissing each other, seemed like a striking  fairy tale…
so why was she in a confusing state.  “ why wasn’t she happy?”. “What was the reason for her to spend most of the time in the washroom ?”

“what is the mystery of her dreams?” “ Can anyone dream the same sequence everyday?”..

Continue to read my chapters and explore the mystery of a simple girl. Her only wish was to live like a princess. Her dream came true but why wasn’t she happy…Interesting twists and turns in the story.

Hi, Iam Vrushalee (pen name vrushsathe). Poetry and story writer. Hope you all enjoy the forth coming chapters as the mystery continues...


Edited: 22.12.2020

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