Falling for the Billionaire's Daughter

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sandra’s P. O. V.

Someone is close, it’s coming towards me. I need to run, I want to run, but my legs don’t listen to me no matter how hard I try.

It’s coming closer, and closer, and closer, it’s extending it’s hands unto me, those hideous hands. I want to scream, I want to shout. But I lost my voice, I want to let papa know.

Papa! Where is papa?! Don’t tell me this monster got him too.

Oh no!! It’s embracing me!! Nooooooooooo!

“Ahh!” I shouted.

That dream again, how many times must I encounter these nightmares?! For pete’s sake let me have a good night sleep!!

Ahh my head is aching. “Lina!” I called for my maid.

“Yes? My lady?” She answered.

“Where is my father?” I asked while taking a look at her. She wore a shorter skirt this time, and a fitted blouse, I rolled my eyes, she changed her uniform again.

“The Lord is at the breakfast table, my Lady” She said as she bowed her head.

“Okay.” I said while standing up, Lina is the most sluttiest maid in the household, she still strives to seduce my father so she can grasp on my family’s wealth. She volunteered for the position of my maid so that she can be a replacement of my mother. Tsk. This girl.

I looked at her again while she was making my bed. She was cursing under her breath obviously because she didn’t want to work at all. So pitiful.

I went to the bathroom, then brushed my teeth. After I brushed my teeth I stripped getting ready for a bath, I’ll take the shower today, since I need to go to school early.

After I finished, I went to my closet then picked out a Brown Ditsy Floral Shirred Cami Dress and for the shoes I went for some Aerin Crossover Heeled Sandals which I bought not too long ago.

I went to check myself in the mirror, when I was satisfied I went downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning, Papa!” I shouted with a happy smile plastered on my face.

“Good morning sweetheart, how was your sleep?” He asked

“Ahh, ermm, It’s good!” I said while remembering my horrifying dream.

“Today is your first day of school, want me to accompany you?” He asked again

“Ahh no, father, I think I can make my own friends this year.” I said while turning to the maid who served me pancakes. “Ahh I would like some water please” I said

“Certainly, my Lady” After she bowed her head she served me with some water

I focused on my meal, eating everything that is on my plate, I will have a long day, after all.


After breakfast, I said goodbye to my father then head towards the garage.

“Yo, Mr. driver!!” I said while waving my hands

“Good morning, my Lady, did you have a pleasant evening?” He asked

Oof, not again with this “Ahh not, quite” I said while scratching my back. Tsk, I need to change the topic!! “Ahh, Mr. Driver, shall we go now?” I said then hurriedly went inside the car

As the driver drove past the houses, I wondered how can I make friends? Hmm.

“Mr. Driver, how can I make friends?” I asked, “Can I just give them money?”

“Good heavens! No! My lady, true friends don’t accept your money.” He said

“How can I make friends? I told papa that I will have some” I said while placing my hands under my chin

“Try this my lady, if you ever cross with someone no matter the situation is try to smile at them warmly, or just be there for them when they need you.” He said proudly

“Is this an advice from experience?” I asked knowing his proud face

“Y-yes, my lady” He said shyly.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind” I said then looked outside the window.


“We’ve arrived, my lady.” He said after opening the passenger door for me

“Thank you, Mr. Driver” I said while looking at the university

“Would you like me to pick you up later?” He asked

“No thank you, just leave the car to me” I said while he handed me the car keys

“Have a safe learning my lady” He said as he bowed his head to me

I walked towards the entrance of the school away from the parking space. There was a banner that indicated ‘WELCOME TO TRINITY UNIVERSITY’

Trinity University, it is a school that teaches both rich and poor students. Rich students are called ‘Elites’ while the poor students are called ‘Kittens’ for girls, and ‘Puppies’ for boys. The Elites can wear anything and bring unlimited necessities to school, they have power in this school, given that they are the sons and daughters of billionaires and CEO’s. The Pets however can only wear school uniforms and bring limited supplies or necessities to school, they follow the Elite’s orders given as they are the ‘pets’, they cannot do anything that is their will because they have no stable background nor allowance’s.


As I walked thru the entrance I saw a boy wearing casual clothes and a girl wearing a school uniform, she looks restless.

“Watchu’ gonna do huh?! Kitten!! Meow!! HAHAHA” He laughed devilishly. I just shook my head

Where was my room again? I don’t want to see any of this anymore. A girl in a school uniform carrying frappes walked pass me, I grabbed the ends of her blouse which caused her to flinch a little.

“Ah, sorry if I startled you, would you mind showing me where classroom 2-3 is?” I said

“A-ahh, y-you’re a s-second y-year?” She said stammering. I nod. “Uhmm, i-it’s the third r-room o-on your l-left” I don’t understand what was she afraid of?

“Oh, okay thanks” I said then walk past her. And at approximately 3 centimeters away from her I stopped then placed my hand at the top of her head then rubbed it, “Stop shivering I won’t bite.” I said then head to my left to go to the direction she pointed.

I wonder how this year would turn out? 



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