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“Her way of talking was not as any human can be holding, her transformation and grown up as a character can be seen in her life improvement. Her paralysis existed but with amounts of fighting and love sharing. Anna knew her way and she had her ways in life, that what could be as a person in transformation of life be existence when a perception is made, and I make it because not only I admired her from the bottom of my heart, but because she was her, with her red head and a dimple in her cheek, it was her.”

-Bravo, applauds Anna

-You like it that much?

-Yes, I do, a lot.

Anna and Jonathan were so much in love but they never started dating, he confessed his love but she could never do and she could never know why, she just knew there was something likeable about him, but what was it? She was not sure, she wanted to know and to say, she is perfectionist, so much of an indulgence in feelings and emotions, she could not; therefore, make a step, but she never knew that was the reason.

Jonathan was always disappointed, and he kept trying, but she never responded fully, completely to his feelings.

  • Anna, you are a dream and the reason, and for that I would thank you.
  • A dream?
  • Writers are dreamers walking around, and that’s you, so much of  ideas and stories in head holder, you get it a dream walking?
  • -I get it right.
  •  You impress me with your mind, I adore diving into your imagination; your imagination alone can save the world from disasters, believe me. I learnt from you.

Jonathan was always impressed by her ideas and dreaming, she could created worlds and her head was of a universe.

  • How can you do that ?
  • Anna asking playing with her hair: do what?
  • Create those worlds with this read head?
  • Anna chuckles:  Just hold a pen and start to throw river of words. Emm I am not sure, how could you do it yourself? She asked back
  • I feel you and then, I throw it on paper.
  • Anna Smiles.

Jonathan excepted a reply, but she never shared feelings back, he felt her blaming him, but he never knew what that blame, and he never could ask.

  • It is time to go home, time is late.
  • Let’s go
  • See you when I see you.
  • Bye

Jonathan confessed his love through a song; she heard it, enjoyed it and then expressed her like towards the song. That’s all what happened. The song was clear, but he was not clear enough to give her the courage and express her feelings back, too. So, here the story stopped or was about to stop for Jonathan. He did not want to waste her time nor his time anymore.

After going back home, and through a Facebook , he sent her a message telling her a secret.

-Ah , she is online, cool : Anna, I want to tell you something.

-I am all ears.

- I have a girl in my life and I am getting engaged.

-Anna stared blankly on the screen and with a paralysis of one minute, she replied shocked and with vulnerability: okay, I understand, wish you all happiness and success in life.

-Thanks, for you as well. I have to go right now, I am busy with my father.

-take good care.

Anna almost cried, she never expected that, she thought something was going to happen, also, she knew nothing was ever going to happen. At that moment only, she understood that she was in love with him. Her memory works as fast as lightening and in a sudden she remembered everything; yes, everything they went through together and this did make her just not believe more what have just had happened. Not only that and she found herself deleted from the friends list. That was her problem; he was so cold and she could barley swallow her tear and breathe, he touched her ego easily after all they have been through together even if it was just short, but big, and deep.


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Story about: love, poetry, love between a dragon and a woman

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