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Graduation Day with Poetry Flare

6. Part A — Keynote What friends do for one Another

You most likely remember this quote: How knowledge empowers when it's what you need

This story is most memorable for children starting to attend kindergarten. Teachers often have recess and reading times for the class. Do you remember sitting around the teacher looking like a rainbow in connection with the other students?

This story does more than get to the nitty-gritty; it is meant to convey several facets about friends and what they do for one another. You see, it shows what trust and loyalty accomplishes; and an encouragement to be wise as well when faced with certain choices.  These situations could have very well affected you.

There were two women; who happen to be the best of friends. One was named Olivia. The other was named Lisa.

All names in this story are good names that the narrator wanted to make up and share with you, because they simply strike our heart chords in an agreeable way. This is in no way referencing real life events. Olivia and Lisa each had a girl. It was almost like osmosis, or it was passed on through their DNA the same love that Olivia and Lisa had for each other. Yes, their daughters loved one another.

One daughter, who was begotten by Olivia, was named Honor. Lisa named her daughter Gracie.

Honor and Gracie went together like peanut butter and jelly. They went together like mayonnaise and bread. I’m aware some people don't like mayonnaise and bread. However, you most likely get the picture perfect understanding of their friendship.

When Honor and Gracie were in kindergarten, they had a teacher named Miss Timberlake.

Now Miss Timberlake was a very, very nice lady. She loved her job. She loved the children. And she was always thinking of creative things to do in order to keep them interested and preoccupied.

 Miss Timberlake paid attention to each child and designed projects with a special touch for each child's aptitude and personality. It required more effort on her part, but still was a labor of love for the small class...

This continues in Part B of Key Note What friends do for one Another

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