Heated Desire


Grey clouds slung overhead like impending doom causing the students with the attention span of goldfishes inside the well air-conditioned lecture hall to stare out the window in morbid fascination as compared to what the lecturer was talking about. The hall is high ceilinged and spacious with the capacity to hold well over three hundred students in its rows of dark wooden tables and chairs that two hundred or so students currently occupy.

The lecturer's eyes roam amongst the two hundred or so students seated before him, looking for the best candidate to answer his question and his gaze lingers for a moment on a slim but not skinny kind of slim built young woman with long cascading straight brown hair that ends at the middle of her back. 

Dressed in a plain white cable knit sweater over a collared shirt and a pair of well worn dark jeans and a pair of white sneakers that finishes off her casual yet presentable look, she looks like your picturesque model student with the 4.0 GPA.

He moves on, not bothering to call on her. 

Not because he knows she knows the answer to his question but because she is staring right back at him through her brown rectangular glasses. Challenging him to ask her his question, her light brown eyes taunting him in a competitive way that has the hairs on the back of his neck standing in fear.

He's taught many classes throughout his career as a professor of criminology but none of the students he's ever taught had that look in their eye. Not even the most hardened criminals he had dealt with before he became a lecturer ever had him on high alert.

But this student,  Katherine Owens. She had the eyes of a killer and had the spirit of a spitfire when challenged but otherwise, she's chillingly silent. Never saying much unless asked and even then her answers are curt and to the point. She never discloses enough for anyone to actually know her.

Jane Guo

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Edited: 05.11.2019

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