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His Only Obsession

Chapter One

Immediately Meira opened the door and walked into the house with her twins, she knew something was amiss.  It was nine pm and the house was quiet which was unusual because her husband Richard was always home at this time watching the news or football but there was nothing like that.

“Mommy… Where’s daddy?”. Her daughter Gabriella echoed her thoughts.

“Maybe daddy is working late today.” She replied. Why don’t you two go to your rooms and freshen up? I’ll make dinner.”

“Okay!”. They chorused and left.

Meira took her bag to the kitchen and dropped it on the table then began to make preparations for dinner with the thoughts of her husband at the back of her mind.

She knew that Richard would have called her if he was going to be late so she didn’t bother calling him as she waited for him to call.

She and her twins had dinner then she helped them with their homework and told them to go to bed. They were both seven so there was no need for bedtime stories.

By twelve am Meira sat up in bed, took her phone and dialed her husband’s number then put it to her ear. She had a bad feeling that something had happened to Richard.

“Hello?”. A different voice answered.

“Hello? Who is this please?”.

“My name is Julius. I picked this phone from the ground… I think the owner lost it. Who are you?”.

“My name is Meira and the owner of the phone is my husband. Where did you find the phone please and what time?”

“close to a Catholic church. Daniel Carter road. I think around 12 this afternoon.”

“Daniel Carter?.” She frowned. She wondered what Richard was doing in her best friend’s neighborhood at twelve in the afternoon when he was supposed to be at work. "Um… I’d like it very much if we can meet sir. I’ll pay you to get this phone back.”

“There’s no need madam. I work at Emerson Cruz group of companies. Just ask for Julius Wilson.”

“You must know Richard Gilbert then? He also works there.”

“Gilbert? Yes I know him but he was fired last week.”

“What?! Are you sure? He’s been going to work every morning.” Meira sounded shocked. He’s Mr Cruz’s assistant.”

“I really don’t know what happened but all I know is that when I got to work on Monday this week… His secretary told me that the boss got mad at Richard for something he did and fired him.”

Meira let out a shaky breath and rested her hand on her chest to calm her racing heart. Richard was fired from his job and he didn’t bother to let her know and now he’d disappeared.

“I’ll see you tomorrow sir. Thank you.” Meira said and hung up. She quickly dialed her best friend’s number but the number was switched off which made her frown.

There was something fishy going on and she’d find out what it was.

The next morning Meira prepared the twins breakfast on autopilot then put their lunches in their lunch box before she went to get ready for work and they left the house.

“Mommy, did daddy come home yesterday?”. Gabriel asked.

“He didn’t.” She said. I think he went on a trip with his boss or something.”

“Or something.” Ella snorted and laughed.

Meira forced a smile and tweaked her daughter’s nose making her laugh out loud.

“Naughty girl.” She mumbled as she hailed a cab.

“When are you going to buy a car mommy?”. Ella asked as they got into the cab. Didn’t daddy promise you one for your birthday? Fountain valley international school please.” She said to the cabbie.

“Which is today.” Gabe said. Happy birthday Mom.” He hugged her.

“Happy birthday momma.” Ella echoed as she imitated her brother. Long life and prosperity.”

“Thank you.” She smiled through her tears and kissed their cheeks.

When they got to school, they kissed their mother again then alighted from the cab, waved at her and rushed into the school with other kids.

“Take me to Emerson Cruz group of companies please.” She said to the driver. She was a teacher at Fountain valley high school and she really was supposed to drop at the high school right now as the driver drove past but she had something more important to do and she knew the principal would understand.

Almost two hours later she alighted from the cab after she paid the driver and he drove off then she walked up the steps into the building and straight to the reception where she met Janet another friend of hers whom she knew through Richard.

“Hey girlie.” Her friend greeted. 

“Hey Jane.” She greeted with a somber expression on her face. Have you seen Richard this morning?”.

“Richard? He’s not been to work since last week. He’s not home?”.

Meira shrugged. “He didn’t come home last night.”

“Did you call him to ask where he was?”.

“He lost his phone.” Meira said. Um… I am here to see someone. Do you know Julius Wilson?”.

“Yes. He’s the head of the IT department. Why?”. Jane frowned.

“He has Rich’s phone. He told me he found it.”

“I see. Well just take the elevator to the tenth floor and ask for Julius Wilson.”

“Thank you.” Meira smiled and left.

Meira was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice someone enter the elevator with her then the doors closed.

“Isn’t it too early to day dream Meira Gilbert?”. A deep velvet voice broke into her thoughts as the elevator began its ascent.

Meira gasped and turned to look at the person who spoke then her eyes widened when she realized who was in the elevator with her. It was the big boss; Raine Emerson Cruz.

“Um… good morning sir.” Meira greeted. I didn’t notice you. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Raine said. But it’s really too early.”

“I wasn’t day dreaming.” She objected. I was… thinking.”

“About?.” He raised a brow.

Meira sighed. “Richard didn’t come home last night.”

“And you’re worried… why?”. He asked in a bored voice.

Meira stared at him in disbelief. “He’s my husband. Of course I am worried.”

“You married the wrong guy.” 


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