How to Run




“Ace…stay with me.” I beg, as I hold his trembling body in my arms.

Hot air escapes from my quivering lips as I take shaky and uneven breaths. My eyes dart around the area, trying to spot for help, but this place is completely deserted. I would not be surprised if something out of the ordinary happened at this very moment. I can feel the warm tears piling up behind my eyes and they are threatening to start running like water from a tap. I need to pull myself together! But how can I? Ace could be a dead man in my arms any minute from now; although I have come to learn of his true identity (a vampire, which I know is an immortal being) I can swear that every time he is exhaling, it feels like it is his last one. Maybe vampires can be defeated after all? Regardless, I do not want to lose Ace… not now.

I place my hand on his cheek and wince as soon as I feel heat radiating from it and onto my hand, he is burning up. How can a simple bite cause such a big reaction? Vampires are meant to be immortal right? And Ace could possibly be dying from a bite?

“Ace, hold on alright. I am going to call for help.” I whisper to him, while gently removing his head from my lap and placing it softly on the hard ground.

He grabs my right wrist, preventing me from getting up from the ground. I look back at him, his face pale and home to tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“N-No…hold on.” he stammers. “No one will be able to help…”

I knit my eyebrows in confusion.

“I am sure that there is someone out there who can help us Ace.”

“No…this is way out of their c-control.”

He is right, but I am sure that at least one person out there will help us; after all, this town has kept so many secrets for years that are only being unraveled now. I always thought that supernatural creatures were a myth but it turns out that they are not, and there is a great portion of people who are part of it in this town.

“Ace…” I drag on.

He simply ignores my worried-sick voice and slowly and painfully pulls himself up from the floor.

“I will fix this. I have to…”

As soon as he stands on his two feet, his knees buckle and he lands back on the ground on all fours. Oh Ace…

I quickly kneel on the ground besides him, and rub my hands up and down his back.

“Zelda…I have to fix this, Henry needs me. He needs me Zelda!” he cries out while trying to keep his shaky arms steady on the ground.

“I know Ace, but you cannot do anything in this condition. At least, let me try and get you some form of medical attention.” I beg.

He shakes his head then begins to cough uncontrollably. He lands back on the ground on his back, still clutching his chest. His head tosses from right to left and when his head turns towards his left, I spot the now inflamed bite mark on the right side of his neck; it seems to be enlarging and I think it is making his condition worse.

“Ace I need to find a way to stop the effects of the bite, please let me help you!” I beg again.

“N-Nothing will stop it Z-Zelda…” he whispers.

What do you mean Ace?

“A-Are you … are you going to die?” I ask, the first stream of tears already pouring out of my eyes.

The coughing fit begins again and he clutches his chest.

I place my hand on his forehead and his temperature has spiked even higher. I do not know what to do at this point, million thoughts are running through my mind and my emotions are all over the place. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be in this kind of situation. Never.

“It…it w-won't kill m-me.” he points out weakly. “It will j-just cause unimaginable pain and s-suffering for a few days…”

Days? He will be in this state for days? A sob escapes my lips, I cannot keep it in any longer; it is followed by a sudden waterfall of tears falling out of my eyes. My body feels like it is giving up on me too; my joints are weakening and I cannot hold on any longer, I feel exhausted and finished. I slowly sit on the ground and place my head on Ace's chest, my hands wrap around him in an attempt to conduct the heat from my body onto his,  the sobbing does not stop and I can already feel the centre of his T-shirt becoming wet from the tears.

Just when my eyes are about to close and give up on me, the sound of tyres screeching followed by a violent glimpse of white light tingles my senses. I lift my head up from Ace's chest and use my left arm to shield the light from the car. Somebody steps out of the car and from the shadow approaching us, I can make out that it is a muscly bald-headed male.

“Come on! We need to get out of here!” he commands as soon as he is in close proximity with us.

I try to make out his facial features but it is quite impossible given that he is towering over me and the headlights are marring my vision

“Who are you?” I question.

He ignores my question and bends down to pull Ace from the floor. I quickly get up from the ground and watch in amusement as he flings Ace over his shoulders.

“Where are you taking him?” I question once again, this time raising my voice.

He looks straight at me, his eyes connecting to my soul. There is a familiarity in them but I cannot point it out.

“You will know if you come with me.” he says, coldly.

“But we don't even know you!” I exclaim whilst following behind his quick and heavy steps towards the flashing car.

“I am sure that he will beg to differ once he wakes up.” he responds.

Once he reaches the car, he carefully places Ace inside the backseat of the car and shuts the door. When he reaches the driver's side he fixes his stare on me before entering the car.

“Aren't you coming along?” he asks.

I do not trust him at all, but I cannot allow him to just take an unconcious Ace away on the basis that Ace knows him. I could save my life and just head home and forget that this ever happened or I can help protect Ace. 

Bleu Roy

Edited: 15.02.2021

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