Girl intro


I love you Jean  i love you so much that I can't live without you ❤ 

The boy bent to kiss the girl while the girl leant towards him. 


Wake up you sleepy girl do you know the time you'll be late to school . 

I became completely awake hearing my mom shouting me .

Aah I dreamt about him again .Who is he disturbing my sleep and my mood.

I am Jean wood a high schooler leading a care free live with a happy family 👪 and two best friends.

But I am getting a weird dream since pat two weeks I am dreaming  about  a boy whom I have never met or seen .

Being completely awake now I freshed myself in 30 minutes and went down for breakfast. 

Having breakfast i ran to road in a hurry to catch the bus. Luck is on my side I caught the bus .

"Insufficient amount " the machine  beeped .

OH MY GOD  i forgot to recharge it and I have no money as I was in a hurry. 

Sorry sir I am unable to board Sorry for the inconvenience - I said to driver and got off the bus.

I started running back home for money and phone while I was carried away by a mysterious man. 

He shutted my mouth with his hand and guestered to stay silent 🤫. 

I felt that he was being chased by someone so I kept silent but his eye gave me a feeling of dejavu  where have I seen him. 

After a few minutes he left me and I ran away home.

Seeing me frightened my mom asked me and comforted me nad I told her everything. 

I told her I saw him some where but I couldn't remember him.

She suddenly became serious and told me to take rest and sent me to my room.

Due to exhaustion I felt asleep 😴 

"Jane  why did you run away while I am with you " you said we will meet soon but you are running away from me.

A handsome boy asked me with tears in his eyes.

I woke up and felt something is wrong as I am not in my room at my home on my bed.

A strange place welcomed me with the strange person I met.

Who are you - I asked

You know me very well - he replied 






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Story about: unrequited love

Edited: 10.11.2020

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