Lost and Found


It has been an hour since I was waiting in the cottage for Logan. I started to get worried as he promised he would be back before dark.

I was getting nervous now. Alone in the dark, creepy noises of insects, leaves rattling and with no existence of human life anywhere near, anxiousness took over me thus I decided to go after him. His warning to not leave this place passed into my mind but I recklessly shoved it to the back of my mind.

Walking out of the safe zone, I entered the lion's s den. Oh how stupid of me to think I'll return back safe but curiosity got the best out of me and I didn't think twice before making a beeline towards where he left.

I started exploring the area as I walked deep into the deep forest. The moonlight was bright making my part bright under the clear sky, so I didn't care using the torch. The atmosphere was appalling as I was a lonely girl in the dark. The atmosphere was haunting as I was making my way in between the tall lofty trees slowly.

Suddenly, a screeching sound came from my left side. Dread filled inside me, I started breathing hard. The sound of footsteps was coming closer to me.

I hastily hid behind a tree trunk and shut my eyes tightly with fear. She breathed deeply several times, nerves and instincts unsettled. Suddenly the noise ceased and I sighed a sigh of relief. It was short as the next moment someone grabbed my wrist from behind and whispered "gotcha'. I suddenly forgot how to breathe and froze where I was standing, sensing the person's harsh breaths on my neck, and his firm grip on my wrists.


Hi there everyone, this is my first story. I hope u like it. Do leave a comment to let me know how did u find the teaser. I'll appreciate your reviews and feedback on it.
Thank you! 



Edited: 22.12.2020

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