My Nation (english)


First of all, I am not a normal person. I am very much different from everyone else. I have a secret that you won’t believe. My parents knew nothing about it but they abused me.

At a young age, they let me work every day that an ordinary child could not afford to do like for example, lifting several dams of water all day, do a mountain load of laundry only using by bare hands, to clean a 2-storey house and make sure that every corner of it is spic and span and many other heavy houseworks.

They used to wonder why I could finish my work right away because they I already told you, they didn't know about this secret.

Of course, there are also times when I do not finish my work and because of the work is a heavy one, the punishment is also heavy so you will never see me without bruises on any parts of my body.

The reason why they do this to me... I’m adopted. At first I didn't really know but since I found out, they abused me even more.

I'm just really asking myself, if they are going to abuse me like this, why did they take me in the first place? Just to have fun doing it? Or is it just in their blood to torture people? Why don't they just kill me?


...but everything turned upside down.

One day, I ran out of patience so I vented all my anger and hatred towards them. I couldn’t control myself so I ended up killing them. I just went back to the reality when I saw their lifeless bodies on the floor. Full of fear, I stared at my hands full of blood. I did not know I could do this. Fortunately, no one saw what happened because it happened inside the house but I was so scared that I ran away from the house to the forest. There I built my own house and lived well.

We know it's very dangerous here but I'm happy. No one will know about this power and I will not hurt anyone else.

What is the use of this power in the world I live in anyways? Do I really belong here?


Is this MY NATION?


Edited: 23.10.2020

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