My Worth?

Why not her?

Ryan came back to mansion after having a tiring day in office .He went straight to his study room . That's his routine. For him, life is constantly giving your best and whoever lays back, loses. 

Just when he heard the knock , 

"Come in" he said without taking eyes off his laptop screen.

Elisa shows up.

"Dinner is ready" Elisa ,his wife softly said

"There was no need to bother me for that . If I am hungry ,I 'd ask one of the maid to serve me something . We have been married for almost  1 year now, Elisa. You are aware of how things work in this house. Is there any other specific reason for which you have bothered me with your presence? " Ryan  asked quite strictly . That's the tone he usually uses for her. 

Elisa , his wife is the most clumsy , ordinary , unimpressive woman for him. She is nothing what he wanted his wife to be. He had always wanted a woman who would have an aura such that any guy would be honoured to have her in arms. Someone smart ,thoughtful and independent .Who was capable of handling the chaos in his absence. Someone having her own individuality. Elisa was nothing like that . She was this low esteemed, insecure woman who have hard time to even look directly into his eyes sometimes while talking to him. Her father was our driver, who died saving his dad's life while taking the bullet to himself and thus his dad promised to take care of his only daughter and that's why he was compelled to marry her. She was moreover ,a charity case for him. He never wanted to lead her on so he made it very clear that this marriage means nothing to him .

"Actually ,I wanted to go to this music concert on Saturday night " Elisa said softly 

"Music! That has always been her first love and painting is may be her second . Well honestly, to hell with her love" ryan thought to himself. 

He stopped typing and looked up like he was observing her actions , one would say he was enjoying her discomfort because of the smirk .He stood up and took slow steps towards her . Elisa as expected was only looking down  . When Ryan got closer to her ,he smirked and finally spoke "Have I ever shown any interest on what you want to do? You clearly seems to have a lot of time to waste on music concerts and being my wife ,you are privileged enough to afford the tickets . So I don't see a good reason for disturbing me" 

Elisa simply nodded and said " I am sorry" 

He looked at her one more time before turning back and walking to his table and  said " You can leave! " . She was clearly on verge of crying and he had better things to do than watch her cry. She is weak . How can anyone ever get attracted to someone like her he thought. Honestly, he wouldn't even think twice before leaving her if he finds his perfect woman . Even if he would have to go against his dad or the entire world for her.



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Edited: 27.02.2021

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