Randomness Overload


The human head and mind can be the most fascinating,  knowledgeable and enlightened, yet it can also, more often than accepted, be the most terrifying, vile, fragile & chaotic. One head can be a well of love and forgiveness, yet, be the epitome of evil and deceit. 

One person can be the sweetest to some, while some know nothing but the fangs they bare. The same head can be creative and life giving, while in some moments, it can tear apart what took blood and sweat to build, bringing everything down to its foundation. 

At times, situations urge you to query the mental stability, capability and sheer common sense of fellow humans, as actions seem to veer straight into destruction UNCALLED for. Age becomes a factor too, as maturity seems to evade the mental growth of many, and we seem to be surrounded by teenagers in adult bodies. Yet, on the other hand, maturity, at times, gets bestowed on young minds who astound us with even the very words they utter. 

Petty, angry, bitter, jealous, grateful or merely withdrawn..... All these emanate from the thinking tank which quickly translates the message to the heart, and the whole person responds and reacts accordingly. What happens then, when the thinking tank hasn't and isn't being watered enough to hold capability to diffuse, walk away or amicably deal with situations  and problems? Or when the heart beats louder than the sense spoken by the mind? Or when one's peaceful resolutions open a gateway to being trodden on? How do you know when the fighting voices shout beyond normal? Is it even normal to have conversations within? Does everyone do it? Do they even think the same things you do? Does anyone share the same perception or perspectives, or are you merely the black sheep? Is your head taking leave of your being? Is the world this bad? Or are you just extremely critical and negative? Which character defines you then,from the hordes that visit and drive your actions? Which voice are you to listen to? 

My own head is no different, it can take me on the most beautiful trips and build warmth for good deeds done... It can be the most confident, determined, generous and understanding.. Yet also doubtful, discouraging, chaotic, haunting and a home for dark thoughts, which, at times, set foot out of bounds, only to be herded back to the light, by its own self. It's the criminal perpetrator and the law enforcing police in my deeds and words. The devil and my guardian angel simultaneously . It can simply choose to soar with the birds of the air,  embrace nature and be grateful for life... the next moment, it's full on dissecting how destructive humans are, specifically pointing to my own actions and ommissions.... Ultimately whispering of my unworthiness and how I deserve nothing good coming my way. 

Seas and oceans, the depth of the world and space, fields of roses and soothing waterfalls, are just a thought away from the mind's reach, the greatest explorer and computer ever to exist. Understanding, consideration, forgiveness, humbleness and acceptance, titans at war fighting for time in the spotlight, all in your head.  Even in sleep, the engine drives and controls, nightmares or fairytale, woven to its choice and determination. It can conjur monsters and demons without bounds, and also, traverse to soothe and build you up, finding yourself smiling in a hollow room with noone, but for you and your head. 

Character, behavior, personality and the general outlook and treatment of others, the world and life itself- all sterm out of, and are driven by one main control station... THE HEAD. "It's all about the mind and head" - Altranon Muzik

At times, all you need to do is take a step back and observe, people, situations, and your own self... Let your mind run wild and free, until it presents a clear picture of what your dreams are, where you errored and who you are. 

Come, let us, to exploring go! Destination - human head. The creativity, the anger, the regrets, the joys, the hesitations, the daring moments, the craziness and the pains... THE RANDOMNESS OVERLOAD.




Swit La Pound

Edited: 04.03.2021

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