Ruins of Love and Heartbreak



Laxton Hendrix Vanderveide, President of Vanderveide Corporation which is engraved on a thick, white, glass name plate on his desk. He silently run his fingers on it and he remembered all the things he need to go through before he got that position.

As the company owner's son, Laxton achieved the position he's currently in not by nepotism but through his hard work.

Every time he finished school, he is appointed to clean all the company facilities assigned by the Maintenance Head. He had the opportunity to bond with the janitors--most of them are working students and its their part time job.

He's not allowed to leave the premises or to have special treatment from the department heads he had worked for. He spent all summer vacation even in high school to their company doing all errands.

During his on-the -job training, his mother Margarita Angeles-Vanderveide put him to the training as a Marketing specialist--who goes to field for marketing research and responsible for Marketing presentations for two months, one of the Financial control officer--who is responsible for financial and accounting reporting for another three months, and the remaining 1 month, he spent it on being her mother's secretary.

He got paid according to the roles he partake in and he saved up those money in the bank like what he did on the first money he got when he's in a janitorial position.

His lips twitched a little when he remembered all the employees reaction when he was introduce as the new President. When he's on training, only the Immediate Supervisor or Department Head knew who is he. Imagining their pale face, mixed reaction and smiling face makes him want to get back on those time that he is able to attend small gatherings like team building and team dinner.

A knock on the glass door partition takes him back to reality.

"Hi, son! I want you to take a three hour break for the blind date I set up for you. I shouldn't set it up today since you just got back from a two-day business trip on Japan but I can't say no to my amiga." She embraced him tightly and kissed him with a loud sounds on his right cheek.

"I know, Mom. That's what you always say when you set it up before hand. Can you say no to them just once? I still have a pile of papers I need to sign and I don't want to bring those paperwork home."

"Oh, my poor baby!" She caress both of his cheeks with admiration written on her face. "Just go, will you? I don't want to cancel this. You'll gonna love the girl, I promise."

He rolled his eyes.

As always, mom.

"Fine! I'll give her an hour with me. She might not be as boring as the other dates I had or else I won't see her again!"

"Deal! I'll let you eat you're favorite grilled beef steak for a dinner later! By the way, the blind date will be from three in the afternoon onwards. Thank you, son! I love you!" Margarita walk towards the door now, her eyes are twinkling with joy as she gracefully walk back to the hallway.

The voice intercom beeps and his secretary Bill is on the line. "Lax, here's you're twenty seventh blind date at three in the afternoon. It's the only appointment remaining. Haha! I wish you the best of luck this time!"

"Aren't you afraid to be fired? Because right now, I want to do that to you! Don't you know how to respect your boss?"

"Haha! I know you wouldn't fire me because of teasing you. Try harder, lover boy!"

Laxton Hendrix shrugged his shoulders and chuckled softly. He's not an easy opponent for his dates. He might be having a good time after having a long weekend stress on the current project he's in.

His smiled wickedly while checking his face on the mirror.

Cancel the date as early as you can. I'll give you thirty minutes after three o'clock and if you still didn't cancel, you'll see how difficult I am as an opponent.

He pressed the intercom once again and said, "Ring me at three thirty, same drill as the last blind dates, Bill. I'll need to take a nap. I went straight here from the airport early in the morning. And don't you dare tell mom about it! I'll surely fire you if you do that!"

He heard him chuckled once more. "Copy, Boss!"


"Hey, Czarielle Audra Racaza. What are you up tonight? Do you have a prior engagement?" Her friend asked her sarcastically while putting all the things they used for a photoshoot that just ended.

"Hey to you, too, Alfreeda Blanda Nozka! I don't have a prior engagement. Why do you asked?" She put the last piece of studio lightning in their dark room.

"Don't say my whole name at my face! It's so gross! I got a chills every time I hear it! Just call me Freeda, will you?" she snorted and sway a pair of Photo Backdrop on her left arm slightly.

"You started it, remember?" She rolled her eyes.

"Argh, fine! Czarielle, will you go out with me? I need my weekly friday shots." She closed the dark room and she lean on the door afterwards while waiting for her to finish folding the last photography umbrella.

"Ah, that's why you're calling my whole name? You're a very badass best friend, you know that? Can't you be sweet when asking for a favor?" She glared at Freeda.

"Can you drink with me, friend?" Freeda batted her eyes like a puppy and that makes her laugh hard.

"You look like a---"

"Don't you dare continue what you're saying! I swear, I'll pull all your hair strings!"

Czarielle let her laugh came out loudly. She even hold her tummy and her eyes got teared-eye.

"So you're having fun teasing me, too, huh? I'll get my revenge next time. Just wait for it!" Freeda pouted her lips and even stomped her feet while walking downstairs.

After she closed the studio lights, she came down and saw her friend still sitting a few steps away from the stairs.

"Should I miss you're friday shots then? You don't look like happy since you left me inside!"

Nhelle Joy Dan

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