The cruel reality

Cruel life

Authors pov:

"Get up you lazy piece of meat!!! The sun is on the top and you are still sleeping with your butt upturned " shouted Mala on her sleeping 19 y/o daughter Srijani.

Srijani 's pov:

" Hmmmm!!Getting up ma please stop shouting!" I groaned sitting up on my bed and rubbing my exhausted eyes. Since childhood most of my morning have started with cursings and swearings. I am used to such behaviour of them. I mentally groaned thinking that again I have a day ahead to suffer. Suddenly, I felt someone grabbing my plaited hair and pulling it mercilessly, them I realised that it's my mom screaming on the top of her voice and pulling my hair. I somehow managed to get out of her hold and promised to be at my work in just few minutes.

After that I hastily made my bed arranged my room and ran to complete my chores. As I entered the kitchen I heard my mom' s angry voice 

"Why the hell are you still in your nighty ??? Didn't I tell you change your dress and wear something that can hide your oversized figure more!!!"

" Sorry, actually you told me to hurry because baba will be leaving early today , so I just thought that I can change after he leaves......"

" Shut up... you devil, why did I even give birth to you , I really doubt you to be our daughter. Now get your lazy ass moving and change your dress and come quick  I don't have much time to devote to your excuses"

I hurriedly changed into a top - skirt and rushed to sweep the house. Though we have a maid appointed my mom prefers me to sweep the house first , because according to her it keeps the house away from problems but it should be done before my dad leaves for office. Bloody superstitions!

After completing my work I went to the toilet to get done with my morning business. Just the while I came out of the washroom, my mom started cursing again 

" I know bitches like you, and what you were doing in the toilet don't forget that I have crossed your age, ....... don't you people feel ashamed of doing that ... chiii.  Whatever now go to the bazar and bring these items and don't you dare be late or go whoring around with anyone because even if you go I will know it any way now LEAVE.."

I ran to fetch the groceries mentioned in the list my mom handed me and to my disappointment it was a long list . In a hurry i tried to cross the road without looking when suddenly I bumped into a wall and the bag fell from my hand. Heck!!! What the ...!! I looked up and received a shock seeing two pitch black eyes drilling holes in me.. he was enough tall because I being 5.8 feet reached only his shoulders, he was giving negative vibes like he is about to kill me for bumping into him. He was wearing a deep blue ripped jeans, with black t- shirt, and had round shaped glasses, lean built but strong because he had muscles which are enough to peek through his collar,  in short he was masculine but what attracted my eyes was the pitch black eyes staring at me with intensity of a predator. His hair were completely black matching with his pitch black eyes back brushed but it looked like they have been combed with fingers.

Then I noticed that it was not looking into my eye's but some where at my feet so l followed his gaze only to find that my veil was lying on ground. I quickly picked it up and gathered my items and ran away from there, because I didn't feel good around him but later I was feeling really angry because he didn't even apologies for bumping into me . Huh! Arrogant!

Rayan's pov: 

" Why the hell didn't you go to his house yourself? Huh? Whom do you think I am ? For what did I appoint you moron!!!?

"Sir , he was not in house when we went to ask for the money but we have heard from the neighbours that he has gone to attend a birthday at dankuni, hoogly (west bengal) so we informed you sir..."

" Ok send me the address and tell the goons to track come over with me . Today , I will see how many birthdays he can attend in one day?" 

I was already in a bad mood because of a dealer and more over I have to go to a suburban area , I hate being at such places where people don't have elegance. Huh! Bad day!

As I reached the place I realised that my car won't be able to make through the narrow street hence I have to take a walk which fueled my anger to no extent , but no worries I am gonna take this out on that bastard! I got out of my car, slamming the door I was in the middle of crossing the road when suddenly, a women bumped into me . My first instinct was to just shoot her but the moment I saw her I felt a strange feeling in my chest. 

She was tall enough for a girl, chubby unlike other girls with perfect figure  , her hair light brown,held in a top knot with few unruly curls hanging sticking to her forehead,big honey colour doe like eyes with managed eyebrows,ceased together in confusion. She was wearing a yellow skirt with elephants printed on it and a black top, her skin was tanned as the real colour was peeking through he sleeves , she looked so innocent and modest,then I looked down to fiñd her bag and veil on the ground. Then she just came out of the trance , covered herself with the veil,gathered her belongings and left .

I saw the fear in her eyes for a minute but of what???

Suddenly, my phone rang bringing me out of the trance. I received the notification of the dealer and turned around to see the girl but she had just vanished. 

Something was very strange about her .

I shook my head and carried on trying to get the girl out of my head.

Hey friends this is my first book. I hope that you all will like it  , please comment about the first chapter, I will try to update regular... have a good night 


Vidya nayak

Edited: 06.05.2021

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