The distance between us

Character sketch

Ananya Singhania : she was a nerd in her school times and a very hardworking girl. She loves her family a lot especially her brother. She had a crush on a guy which later on turns into love. She is a doctor

Aakash Malhotra: he is a billionaire who owns a tech company . He is the guy on whom Ananya has a crush. He is a womanizer and he is very arrogant. He is hiding a very big secret from the world

Prateek Singhania: he is the brother of Ananya . He is a entrepreneur. He loves his sister a lot and is very protective of her.

Shanaya singh:  she is a friend of prateek and a roommate of Ananya. . She is also a cousin of aakash

Maya shah: she is a ex-girlfriend of arsh and a crush of aakash

Arsh Jaisingh : he is a friend of aakash and ex classmate of Ananya . He is coo of a company

Harsh Mehta: he is a friend of aakash and he is a architecture. 
Aman Mehra : he is a friend of aakash and he is software  engineer.

Chris Powell : he is a friend of Ananya and is a doctor.

Anna paulsen: she is a friend of Ananya and she is a doctor


Pratiksha Routray

#205 in Romance
#127 in Billionaires

Story about: betrayal, heartbreak, lovehate

Edited: 26.02.2021

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