The Medium and the Biker

Chapter One: Starting over

This is a new start a new beginning. I needed this I had to get away from my so-called family. I just had enough of the looks that I was receiving, when I walk past my Mum down the hall and I accidentally bump against her. She would jump away like she didn't want to catch a disease or something.

Then there is my Dad who literally can't look at me, but some nights they both used to come in my room and take turns beating me to a bloody pulp. 

Yelling out that I was a devils child that what I have is not a gift, that it's a curse. That I'm communicating with the demons and the devil sent me to them.

You're probably wondering why my parents are acting like I was the devil reincarnated. Well ever since I could walk I could see and hear things that most can't, that's not unusual for babies to be sensitive to the spirits. But the thing is that I didn't grow out of it when I was eleven I finally told my Mum by reading her. I told her about grandma and how she died and that grandma was with my older brother. 

You see my Mum was freaked out because, one, my grandma passed away before I was born so I had no way of knowing how she died, and Mum nor Dad ever told me about her passing. Two, they never told me that Mum had a miscarriage when she was pregnant with my older brother. 

Since then everything went downhill. Mum and dad took me to church the next day and pulled me up to the priest and told me to confess my sins and ask God for forgiveness. 

Which I did because well come on I was eleven, but as I was asking for forgiveness. I felt a rush of love almost like God himself was giving me a hug and a sense of duty to fulfil, and I knew from that moment on that my parents were wrong that I was blessed with this gift in order to help people in the future. 

So here I am in Smalltown Jackson WY in America. I moved from Ireland to sort of cleanse myself from the negative energy, I was receiving from my parents. I mean I'm twenty-two its time to make my own decisions and they have no way of contacting me, hence why I don't have a phone. I don't have any friends back home anyway so I don't really see the point in having one at the moment. 

So far I'm loving it here it's nice and quiet, I don't have to worry about anything. I got a peaceful job at the book store which is perfect because I love to read, I start on Monday. 

Today's Saturday and I keep on seeing a cute little diner nearby. I decided to treat myself and grab some breakfast. 

So I walk into my bathroom and wash up, once that's done I walk over to the mirror and brush out my waist length curly brown hair with natural honey blonde highlights. 

My Mum is Irish and my Dad is Italian so I have a mix of their hair colours. Then I put some curling cream on my hands and run it through my hair. 

Then I put on some mascara to darken my lashes to help make my eyes stand out more, I've got one green eye and one blue. That's probably one of the reasons that my Dad wouldn't look me in the eyes. 

I walk over to my closet and grab my favourite Boho style long white lace dress with a long dip V neck, that made my tanned skin stand out more against the light fabric. Then I grabbed black sandals that laced up around my calf. 

Once I was done I grabbed my bag and walked out of my apartment, and walked over to my trusty old truck that I got for a bargain, and got in and drove my way over to the diner.



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