The Secret Garden


An illuminating rain fell from the heavens and showered in the earth. Little Levy’s eyes sparkled in delight as she stood up from their picnic blanket. “The meteor shower is starting! “ She pointed at the light rain as her parents looked at it in awe.

The light of the stars reflected in her eyes as she watches in full attention. Her parents, behind her back, looked at each other as her mother fished her hands in her pocket. She took out a glistening gold half moon star necklace as her father lifted her long brown hair and her mother clip it in her neck. She felt the cold metal in her skin as she looked down her chest and saw it; she picked it up with awe, admiring the necklace. She ran to her mother and hugged her. “Thank you Mom! “

“Hey, how about Daddy? I picked that up at the mall earlier. “Her father said, trying to get her attention.

“But it was mommy who thought of giving it to me, wasn’t she? “ Levy squinted her eyes, challenging her father. They chuckled as her father shrugged. “I still don’t see the reason why you can’t hug me. “ Levy crawled to him and gave him a big hug.

“Happy? “ Levy asked him when she let go as he ruffled her hair in response. Her mother hugged her from behind and cooed at her ear. “Levy~ you haven’t made your wish yet.”

“Oh! That’s right! "Levy exclaimed. She looked at the sky; the falling stars are now diminishing. “Make a wish, honey. “ Her mother whispered in her ear as she clasped her hands together with the necklace inside as she closed her hands tight. “Wish I may, wish I might. Have this wishes I wish tonight... “

“Please make me into a fine journalist… Like mommy! “

Her father carried her as she looked at the dark sky. She looked at her mother with worried eyes. “Mommy, do you think it’ll come true? “

She nodded, smiling sweetly at her. “That necklace is good luck charm, Levy, and if you wish on a meteor shower that’s sure to come true. “ She leaned in and kissed her forehead.

“200% and infinity, mom? “ She asked with hopeful eyes.

Her mother chuckled as she nodded in response. “200% and infinity beyond infinity… yes. “ She gave her a squeezed hug before looking at her eyes softly while brushing her hair. “But even if you didn’t, I’m sure it’ll come true no matter what.”


She looked at her husband before looking at Levy again. “Because here in the secret garden, you can be anything you want to be. “


That's what she said.

Her tears fell as the rain did today. Remembering everything about her aches her little heart. On that night, when she made a wish, she made three wishes; to become a journalist like her mother, to live a happy life, and to have both of her parents watch her as she grows up. “Make those 2 out of 3 wishes…” She gripped the necklace tight, she wanted to throw it away, but she could not. The third wish was beyond her power, she could not stop her mother from dying even if she wanted to.

“Levy? “

She turned to look at the voice. It was her father.

“It’s time to go sweetheart… “She nodded and looked at her mother’s coffin one last time as the men covered it in dirt. A single tear fell on it before turning around, walked towards her father then held his hand, and didn’t look back.

“Well, so much for wishes… “

Mystery Girl

Edited: 08.12.2020

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