The Secrets


Alexander was waiting for his friends to arrive as he was getting late. He checked his phone to see if he had received any text from his friends.

Suddenly a car stopped infront of him and rolled down the glass. "Sorry bro. I had to drive Roseanne home after the date and I had to pick up Noah too." Zane said. Alex just nodded his head and went towards the passenger seat.

"So guys let's have a meeting tomorrow okay? Like meeting of us friends. We don't know if we'll ever see each other after this or not."Noah asked.

"Yeah! Definitely guys! I was thinking let's go for camping? Like all of us friends for the last time before we depart for college. We'll all apply for different collage so it'll be difficult to meet again. What do you guys think?" Zane asked excitedly.

"I don't know about you guys but it'll be hard for me to go. I don't think mom and dad will let me go. You guys know that they won't let me go outside for much. They think I will cause some trouble for them and will ruin their perfect image." Alex said feeling down.

"Come on Alex, we know it'll be hard but try once. See if they'll let you go or not. Try again and again and if they still refuse I'll try talking to them." Zane said cheering up Alex. Alex nodded his head and they began to talk about their future plans.


Everyone was enjoying and talking at the party. It was one of those moment in life where you wish that it could last forever. Wish that all of this could remain forever and forever.

"So guys! We had made a plan about going on a camp. What do you guys think? We could enjoy there and have fun. No electronics just nature. We'll live there for few days and then we can return with some happy memories. What do you guys say?" Zane asked dramatically drawings patterns.

"It'll be so much fun. I have never gone for camp. I'm so excited as it'll be the first time. I'm so excited. I'm in." Luna said getting excited. "Im in too." Roseanne said. "I don't think I'll go. I don't wanna go for camping after I literally got attacked by a deer. Camps are so easy to tear open." Josephine said.

"Come on Jes itll be fun. Okay then let's go to my dad's abandoned house. He said it has a nice view of the river. It's surrounded by forest and outside the house we can even have a bonfire to party. What do you say?" Noah asked Isabelle.

"If you say so. Wait! How do we call if there's an emergency? What do we do?" Josephine asked getting paranoid.

"Zane must have a house phone out there. We can use it only when there's an emergency. Other than that it's settled we'll go." Roseanne said. "But we didn't agree on it. Me and Clara are not going." Henry said interjecting.

"Hey speak for yourself. I'm going. I already agreed on it earlier when Noah told me about it at home. Right bro?" Clara asked his brother.

"Yeah sis! Let's go Henry. Who knows maybe you'll get a chance with your crush?" Noah asked wiggling his eyebrows. Zane smirked and added "If you don't go then...Alex will take your crush. Everyone knows that nobody can resist Alex's charm."

"Hey Alex, don't you dare try to steal my crush. We're bros and the bro code is that we should never steal each other's crush. I'm in!" Henry said panicking.

Clara frowned a little at Henry. "Who is  your crush?" Clara asked confused to who could he have a crush on. "No one. I-I mean you'll see soon....hahaha..." Henry said nervously laughing.

"Okay let's dance guys! I'm so excited!!! Woohoo!" Zane said excitedly and laughed heading towards the dance floor with Roseanne. "Yeah! Let's go! Single forever!" Noah said and dragged Isabelle towards the dancefloor.

"Um....I was thinking-I meant I was guessing- no! No! I meant would you dance with me?" Henry said asking for Clara's hand. Clara nodded his head and they went to dance too.

"Henry is so obvious that anyone can tell that he has a crush on Clara. I'm shocked to how Clara haven't found out yet. She's to oblivious to her surroundings." Annabella said smacking her face and giggling to herself.

"Anyways Alex I wanted to ask you if you really were gonna steal Henry's crush? I mean do you like Clara?" Luna asked him.

"Yeah I like her-" Annabella's face fell a little hearing that "but only as a friend nothing else. Anyway I don't have time for relationships." Alex said. Annabella was a little bit relieved hearing that. She said bye to Alex and began to head home as she'll have to be there early.

"Hey where did Luna go? I thought she was here." Zane asked Alex who was sitting alone.

"She went back home and I was about to go too. See ya guys tomorrow then byee." Alex said heading home.

"Babe let's go home too. There's no one back at home." Roseanne said seductively to Zane. "Sure baby let's go. They'll eventually know that we went home." Zane said and they went home too.

After few minutes Noah, Henry, Josephine and Clara decided to head home too. Henry decided to give Isabelle a ride as Clara and Noah are heading home and she is nearby.


"Do you know?" Henry suddenly asked Josephine. "The fuck Henry! You nearly gave me a heart attack. I was scared. What do I know?" Josephine said.

"Dude you need to calm down. I don't know about you but hearing you curse I might turn pale like a ghost. Anyway I was asking if you know who Clara likes. I mean I don't have a crush on her or anything." Henry said nervously.

"Bro I didn't even ask you and you are answering me. If yuh wanna answer yourself go and do it somewhere else. And for a fact I know that yuh like Clara and Clara doesn't like anyone but it looks like she likes you so you have a chance with her. Go on and play your card bro." Josephine said.

"Once I get back from the camp Imma gonna go back to Canada to meet my parents for few days. I just wanna go and see them. I'm missing them so much!" Josephine said getting emotional.


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