Under the Rain

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Chapter One


"I'm so sorry Bo." My father says as we walk back into the house and I throw my keys onto the table. "Its fine dad, I just hope he learns his lesson I guess......" I sigh and I sit on the couch and a few tears shed away. 

"Oh, Bo you did fall hard sweety." My dad says patting my back and I sniff and I shake my head. "No.........no! No, I didn't, you were right I just confused love with charity." I say and my father smiles down at me and shakes his head. 

"Oh Bo, I said that hoping you would dump him but I can see it in you. You're in love, my girl." He says taking my hands and kissing them. "No! I just wanted to change him into a better person and I wanted to show him the light but I found out that not everyone can be saved from the darkness." I sigh getting up. 

"Goodnight daddy," I say kissing his cheek and he smiles. "Goodnight Bo." He smiles back at me and I go to bed.


2 months later...................

"Woo no more school!" Ruby yells and I laugh as we exit the school. "Yea and we are officially seniors!" I scream and we both scream and jump and laugh. "We should go to a party tonight!" Ruby yells jumping excitedly. "No!" I scream back jumping excited and Ruby stops and huffs and walks away. 

"You are no freaking fun." She says as we get into my car. "Yea suckish huh?" I raise an eyebrow. "Yes." She pouts and crosses her arms and I laugh and I drive to my house. 

"Oh snap moving truck next door. New neighbors!" Ruby yells as we park on my driveway. "Finally someone moved there. That place has been empty since like a year ago." I say. "Yea wonder who it is?" Ruby asks getting out. 

"Whoever it is, I don't care," I say getting out of my car and heading to the door. "Wait we should at least check who it is!" Ruby yells and I roll my eyes and I head to the kitchen and I grab a green apple and I sit down on the counter and I just look at Ruby trying to see the new neighbors. 

"Sophia, what in the world are you doing?" My father asks as he walks in the kitchen. "Nothing trying to see if the new neighbors have a cute guy with them," Ruby says and I laugh. "Yea but if you keep that up your going to end up scaring them away." My father laughs hitting both of us with a newspaper and then he hands it to me. 

"What's this?" I ask him. "Open it." He smiles at me. "What all I see are dogs and cats." I smile and he points to the page and it says adopt one now and I let a screech come out and I drop the paper and hug him. 

"No way! We are getting a dog!" I yell excited. "Well only if you want one?" He asks and I nod my head, "I would love one! Please!" 

"Alright, then but I can't say when because we need to get some things for it and then we can get the pup." He says and I look over to Ruby and she still has her head out the window looking for the neighbors. 

"Sophia dear I don't think you are going to see any cute boys because it's only the moving people fixing the house up." My dad says. "Awe man why? Hey, Bo mind if I sleepover tonight?" Ruby whines. 

"Sure, its alright right dad?" I ask looking at my father and he was reading the newspaper. "Oh, now you decide to ask me." He says and we laugh. "Anyways I have to head to work, be good ladies." He says putting the newspaper. 

"Alright! Come on Bo lets invite some guys over if you know what I mean." Ruby winks at me and I shake my head and giggle. 

"Okay make sure you use protection!" My father yells walking out the door. 

"Really guys? I swear it's so weird how my dad just goes along with it." I say walking behind her. "Hey, it's funny, anyway let's go invite Princeston." She says as I sit on the recliner and she lays on my bed. 

"He may be your boyfriend but not mine," I say throwing a ball up and down. "So we can still invite him." She says and I throw the ball at her and it hits her head. "Yeah okay, I really don't want to invite boys in here so calm down women," I say laughing. 

"Whatever. Plus Princeston is going to visit his parents for summer since he has nothing better to do. That fucker!" She snickers and I laugh and she throws the ball at me and I catch it. "Since when did he leave?" I ask throwing the ball back. "Well, yesterday. You know how he wasn't there for two days?" She asks throwing the ball back. "Yup!" I say throwing it back. "That's when he left." She says and I make an O with my mouth and nod. 

"Well anyways what should we do for summer?" I ask her. "Um I don't know, you know I want to go and travel the world." She says and I laugh. "You know I want to do something realistic not fake or imaginary," I say and she looks at me. 

"Fine, maybe we can go camping." She suggests. "Just us two? All alone in the wilderness? Yeah okay, I want to see us doing that." I snort. "Hey, we can do it!" Ruby says. "Soph. You screamed last week over a cockroach in the classroom." I remind her and she pouts. 

"That shit was disgusting and it looked deformed and stuff." She says and I shake my head. "You're crazy. Anyways maybe we can just go to a water park or something." I say and she grunts. "No, I want to go camping!" She screams and I laugh and we hear something break outside and we both look at each other and we run to the window and we bump into each other and we fall. 


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