Chapter 1

The town of Evergreen is known for a lot of things their great football team people going missing and never being seen again. Rosies father disappeared 2 years ago and things haven't been the same her mother buries herself underwork and barely finds the time to grieve and talk about what happened.

Rosie Delrays here 

Standing in front of the mirror holding the hem of the dress she had picked out the night before. What am I thinking I can't wear this I attack the pile of laundry on my chair were dit I put those sweatpants.

Delray's exploded through the door I could see the excitement in her face her eyes were lit up.

''Wow, best friend you look good!''

''I'm not wearing this it's not me''

''Relax its the last day of school you look great!''

Compared to Delray she had the long legs great smile and blond hair destined to be a model me I was destined to watch Game of thrones till 3in the morning and be socially awkward. We have been friends since she moved here from Florida. Why the prettiest girl in school is my friend I have yet to figure out.

I take another look at myself in front of the mirror I could just put a denim jacket on and sneakers?.

Rosette Calvin if you dare put anything else on for school your walking she smiled but I knew she would let me walk so I didn't debate.

My mothers going off on business she always does around this time because of my dad she can't handle it so she leaves usually she goes to my grandmother but she doesn't know I found her plane ticket to Ohio she says she's going to Beijing

EARTH to Rosie were going to be late.

Rosie, I'm leaving the cabs here there's money on the counter and food in the fridge see you when I get back.

Not long after my mom left we left to.

I sat shotgun in her yellow Jeep whiles she sang out loud to every cheesy love song that came on.

she was singing when the radioman started talking about the three teenagers who went missing last week have been found mutilated by the river. They weren't from my high school they were in college.

Oh god wait till my mother hears this then shes going to make my curfew 7 your so lucky your moms away on business.

I didn't even answer her I laid my head aside and stared out the window the trees went by fast our town was full of woods and just really sketchy all over.

Not long after they pulled up to the school that was so hidden in the woods. From there they went there separate ways Rosie didn't want to sit with her Rosie didn't like Delrays boyfriend Alex he was the hottest guy in school the bird-brained jock and Rosie didn't get along with Alex's sister and her squad of minions Jessica Lexy and the biggest bitch in school his sister ladies and gentlemen Carmen.

Saying goodbye to Delray I could feel Carmen's eyes burning through the back of my head. Ray, I'm gonna go I have a Writing club before school. Rosie could hear their giggles as she walked by comments like oh look whos not wearing sweatpants.

I brushed them off and continued to walk to class.Mr. Dunfrey is the head of the writers club a real softie he's the school art teacher. We were only a few their like 3 or 4.Have way through the first lesson vice-principal came, Burch in she had a big smile on her face the short 5'5 teacher with a braided bun was no walkover so her smiling was something that didn't often happen.

Mr. Balan this is the writers club I thought you might want to join. Behind her, a tall guy walked in pale skin dark as night-black hair with gorgeous Green eyes. Wow, he was just like straight out of one of my Romance books.

Mr. Dunfrey welcomed the new boy with open arms he gave him a hug well-tried to he quickly gave out his hand for a handshake.

''So what your name?''

I'm Robin Balan

He took a seat at the back of the class. Damn, he was good looking.

The bell rang and Rosie started packing up her things for the first period.AS she walked out she took a glimpse at Robin he was also looking at her she quickly walked out.

Delray was waiting outside the door as always.

''Took you long enough'

''Sorry did you see the new guy?"

''OMG yes he was standing at the door when I came in''

''No, that can't be he just had writing class with me?''

Delray was about to say something when Robin came out the door he came to a standstill close to us he looked irritated. His doppelganger came walking down the hall they were almost the same but his eyes were brown.

Oh my god, Rosie twins how hot damn but who changes school on the last day so weird.

I don't know besides there not soo hot anyway I smirked while laughing.

OMG Delray laughed as she hit my shoulder but u have to go meet me by the Jeep after school.

The day went on pretty normal I had two classes with Robin in those were the ones I spent drooling over him but in secret of course I'm too awkward to talk to him. Some classes I had with his brother Chase he wasn't like Robin he talked to a lot of girls made jokes but Robin was quiet and didn't talk much. 

Before I knew it I was walking out of school from the last time well for a while that is. Delray was already in the Jeep waiting.

''Heyyy best friend and you ready for the weekend!!??''

''YEAH, I tried to make myself look exited this weekend did really mean a lot to her.''

We just have to wait for Alex he's talking to Chase and Robin''

I could feel my cheeks turn pink as I saw the three of them walking over''

Rosie tried to look away or act busy but it was no use.

Alex briefly greeted me and I did the same he kissed Delray hi and started talking to her in her ear.

She got a big smile on her face and said yes.

They left the I saw Chase looking back but he wasn't looking at me.

''Rosie guess what!!!''


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