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10 Gold Coins per kg

After an hour of paddling backwards, it finally feels like the Black Marlin is giving in.

The explosive power it had an hour ago, has been sliced in half as if hit by a 7 foot man carrying a Sword twice his size.

Now it can't pull the boat even if Lia with the 3 spearmen stopped paddling.

But the crew has to put work in if they wish to bring this fish to land. 

Putting such a massive beast on this boat would be stupidly risky, it's like asking for broken wrists and a hole across the chest.

The options have been thought out and ruled out after, not that these people have much choice when it comes to picking. However, handling this beast of a fortune on land is the best option.

Regardless of the humans getting an upper advantage against the fish right now, we can't say it didn't give the crew a good long exercise until they reached this advantage.

In the first half hour of paddling, the fish was dragging them forward as if their attempt to drag it behind were nothing.

So they ended up being 2 miles away from the shore before the fish's explosive energy met a shortage. 

The Spear Jim hurled against the Black Marlin is so well tossed that it isn't shedding any sign of letting the catch escape.

It is fair to say that the power of which fear grants amongst a pounding heart reflects inhumane strength, shattering the laws of nature and hollering for success.

Bottom line, the battle was a true hassle but as the headaches tamed, everyone came back to reality.

They have more time to think anything non fish related these few moments, such as why Lia isn't dead.

A Black Marlin, most likely weighing over 800 kilograms, charged towards her at ungodly speeds and with it's Sword like nose it hit the lady right to the face and forced her sky high.

But when they got a glance of Lia's face after granting her ease from what danger the waters impacted, the quarters of her face aren't carrying anything as little as a bruise, no cuts either.

Even the sensation of pain she had to deal with in the base root of this situation, has been cut in half by now like the Black Marlin's Energy.

Jim decided to break the long lasting silence, with an urge to tame the clouds of confusion in his head, querying. "Miss Lia, care to explain how you survived the maniacs stab?"

Rattled herself, unwilling to think about it yet her thoughts rivering down to the main point, what happened? "I'm still not convinced, I feel that I'm dead and this is some weird afterlife journey."

Trying to lift up the mood and not put so much pressure on this teenager, Jim continues with a praise. "When I saw you come out of the water without a scratch, even I thought that we went to the afterlife but this here is reality. You're a tough nail, people lost their necks because of a 60 kg Barramundie."

Having a feeling that Lia here being alive hasn't failed to send a bad message, she decides to add although shifting off topic. "I don't know what's going on but I am not a Witch!"

Jim agreed about this with an aid of a little nod, even saying it to her face right after with little to no hesitation. "I know you aren't, holy lucky maybe but not a Witch."

Complimenting Jim's claim in a way, one of the other Spearfishermen adds. "If only I had luck like this when I forgot my wife's birthday."


After another hour of paddling, they've finally reached the shore. Exhausted, barely able to walk. 

Sailing the boat is one thing but sailing it with a Black Marlin on the end of the Spear was even more difficult, time and soul consuming.

They didn't even bother to sail the Boat near the port where they can tie this fine woodwork up. No, not at all. They simply beached the boat.

Several Fishermen and Spearfishermen joined the scene and helped them drag the fish out of the water.

None of them dared to untie the rope from the boat before the fish was completely beached. It would be arm breaking if the Fish decided to put up one last fight.

They simply grabbed the 20 meter long rope and even though there are Several full grown men in the scene plus Lia with her 3 Spearfishermen, it is still insanely difficult to drag the fish.

It became even harder once the belly of the fish met the sand, it feels like pulling a boulder up a hill.

First things first once beached, the  Black Marlin got his head cut off to be put out of its misery already. It lost the battle, so the wisest thing to do is at least not let it suffer due to suffocation.

But cutting the head with a kitchen knife or even a Machete, is impossible as this fish is just too big.

They had to use Longswords and it didn't leave behind a pretty scene. They had to constantly slash the neck of the fish until the head separated from its body.

The head itself is 3 foot long, such a fish will provide a salary for all four of them. Meaning they made a salary in one day.

Men who went towards the Kingdom to bring two wheeled wooden carts, finally came in the scene.

To make the fish lighter, they had to cut its tail as well which reaches 4 foot tall, considering the power it bashed against the water, this kind of tail size isn't a surprise.

Of course the tail meat will be used as well along with the head meat.

Every piece of meat will be sliced into approximately 1kg and will be put in deep underground where the temperature is cooler, to prevent rotting.

The only feature of the fish they won't be eating, is the bones of the fish and the nose of the fish.

The nose will be cut off and used as a trophy or weapon even, depends on the buyer.

While the bones that are extractable, will be removed and tossed in some ditch as most of them can't be weaponized.

This fish breaking over 800kg will still be worth about 600 Gold Coins which is a good pay if sold for a coin per kg.

Blacksmiths have to work 12 hours a day for 30 days straight to get half the amount, in this Country [Occidentis Ignis] at least.

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