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Author: Ema Noel / Posted: 10.03.21, 18:04:16

Hey, honey!

Today we're going to start a hot new story. Here's some information about it,


Love me… possess me…

And which one of us is crazy here?

Genre: erotica, suspense, contemporary romance

POV both main characters (just as you wanted, my readers)

# forced marriage

# virgin

# dominant


I have a phobia, so I don't even dream of a relationship, but my stepfather is forcing me to marry a man who, for some reason, doesn't want to have a family. I need to find the strength to prove to my new husband that I am worth fighting for.

But will I have the courage to be with him if, for him, love and pain are inseparable?

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Ema Noel
10.03.2021, 20:05:42

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thanks

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